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6/13/12 9:06 P

It is a proven fact that women do indeed burn a few more calories during their periods, but not a huge amount; certainly not to justify the massive quantities of junk some women eat. :) An extra snack of 2-300 calories would more than cover that, but personally I don't bother. It's not enough of a difference that it would be dangerous to undereat.

Don't be afraid to have a treat if you want one, but remember: YOU are in control of your body. Not your hormones. You can try to use PMS to justify a binge... but why not go for a walk instead? You'll feel better, and start channeling those urges into more constructive means.

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6/13/12 3:54 P

I have no medical backround but I do believe that people (including me) do really have cravings "that time of the month". But, you don't have to give into them if you don't want to. You can indulge if you aren't going to feel guilty or beat yourself up about it later but you can also continue to avoid the food you don't want to have like you do every other week. Yes, it is harder during this time to not have that chocolate but it will get easier. Personally, if I start to eat one thing with sugar in it then I crave a lot more sugar but if I eat a piece of fruit or drink some tea then the craving may (notice I said may!) go away and you will have survived another day!

6/13/12 3:37 P

I'm trying to determine if I'm "justifying" my behavior or if there's something to this, but I've found that over the past few months I do a great job 3 weeks a month eating within my calorie range and making great choices each day. However, the week before my period I just fall off the wagon - craving sugar like my life depends on it and oftentimes letting myself indulge, or worse, over-indulge. Is this urban myth or is there some merit to it? Do you suffer as well and how can I keep control in these weak days? Thanks!

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