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4/17/12 10:02 P

Not only am I a diabetic with high blood pressure but I also have PCOS. I am on Metformin (1000mg 2xdaily)... I was told this was the highest dose allowed. So I am scared. My husband and I were trying for over a year to get pregnant with Clomid but it didn't happen. I pray that losing some weight and taking better control of myself will result in a brighter future with a baby of my own. I pray we all get thru this PCOS nightmare.


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4/17/12 12:02 P

Thank you all for your kind messages. I know that is going to be very slow. I gained 60 pounds out of no where, it wasn't thyroid, anything... i know its the PCOS. I do have a hard time loving myself, because i know what i used to look like, but i have to be happy with my curves. My doctor put me on Metformin and Spironolactone as well as some Birth Control, but i don't take that because it doesn't regulate my cycles. Later this year i am going to start trying to have a baby. Do any of you take fertility treatments? My doctor gave me some options of course (after having tried natural methods of course). I don't want to feel hopeless and chunky, but its hard not too sometimes. I hope i can overcome these feelings of doubt and self hatred.

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4/17/12 11:55 A

yes i was told all those things. I am on Metformin and Sprinolactone. i was hoping the infertility would not be an issue, but has proven to be.

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4/17/12 12:22 A

I have PCOS, but I usually lose about 1-1.5 pounds a week. What seems to work for me is drinking TONS of water, watching my salt intake, staying away from simple sugars, and regular, consistent exercise (at least 30 min, 4 times a week).

Yeah, PCOS can make things more difficult, but as long as you're determined and focused, it shouldn't hinder you too much.

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4/16/12 10:06 P

I suffer from PCOS as well and My doctor told me to follow a low carb diet and put me on metphorman #500 mg 2x a day. This week i lost 3lbs, but I really stayed away from sugars and white bread,

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4/16/12 4:06 P


I am by no means an expert but have been PCOS since age 27 and now 50 years old. However, yes, PCOS is slowing and stopping weight loss. Were you also given a diagnosis for prediabetes? Have you been told about Insulin Resistance? Metabolic Syndrome? Infertility? These are all associated with PCOS suffers.

The first thing you need to do is learn everything about PCOS. It’s a long, drawn out learning experience that should be done in chunks. To start you off here’s some info I’ve uncovered in my SparkPeople travels.

- Under Health A-Z, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:

- From SP Team, this message forum has additional data for your reading pleasure:

- Also, check out the Mayo Clinic web site, WebMD, and other reputable medical web sites to learn more about your PCOS. Barnes and Noble has a nice selection of books on the subject matter too; take a day and relax at the store so you can read-before-buying any of their materials.

Next… The harsh reality is weight loss struggles is synonymous with PCOS. BUT! PCOS is not an excuse for bad health. Never give up on good nutrition and healthy activity. Track all your food and activity daily without fail. Your efforts will keep the following at bay: heart disease, full blown diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, venous disease, etc. You’ll be movin’ and shakin’ well into your 90’s.

Next… Another tool for PCOS Weight Loss Strugglers is journaling… your frustrations, feelings, ideas, and such. If it’s something you don’t like still give it some thought. You don’t have to be an eloquent writer or perfect speller. Only you will be looking at it.

Next… Have faith in yourself, because PCOS is life long. This disease, or condition as some refer to it, will constantly test your self-belief, will power and spiritual faith. If you let it, PCOS can leave you believing that you’re a failure – YOU’RE NOT. You will ALWAYS be a healthy, but a shapely, rubenesque woman.

FINALLY… take all that you learned and make an appointment with your doctor. When making the appointment advise the scheduler that you want to discuss, in depth, PCOS and all “her” relatives. *LOL* Its gonna be a long conversation too…

From my own experience:
1. I’ve starvation dieted most of my young adult life. This only adds to the metabolic problems and insulin resistance – so don’t do it. I can’t even imagine what kind of organ damage I have too. So, eat soundly.
2. The OTC diet aids are temporary fixes. They perpetuate yo-yo dieting which leads to insulin resistance and metabolic issues. Lifestyle nutrition and activity is the way to go.
3. I use to workout 2-3 hours daily, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year; after working 10 hours and taking care of kids, home and yard. Do not do this either, I am paying for the abuse now with severe osteoarthritis. Be reasonable with your purposeful activity.
4. Mine routine includes: 3-4 miles Brisk walking = 38 to 50 minutes, 5 times a week. Sat and Sun are leisure strolls. Or, from spring through fall, extensive gardening and lawn maintenance.
5. Then, created via SparkPeople, 3 times a week 30 minute resistance/weight training.
6. I just started my Metformin for prediabetes, so my past life efforts at least kept that at bay. For quite a while too.
7. My finally words of wisdom are: Don’t make this about weight loss only. Make it about being healthy too.
8. I never loved my body and a lifelong struggle as well. Hopefully you already love your shapely, curvy image. If not please learn to… please.

4/16/12 2:45 P

I too have PCOS and am just starting AGAIN to get fit, I have a long way to go. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired... I just want more energy and take up less space. I have 8 yr old triplet boys that I would love to be able to keep up with. Keep trying and stay positive.

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4/16/12 12:21 P

The best way to evaluate whether the PCOS is affecting your weight loss is to ask your doctor. But... you have to track what you are eating in order for your doctor to be able to help you or anyone here. What calorie range are you eating in and are you tracking positively everything? If you aren't, you are probably underestimating your calories. Every time I get away from tracking and I mean EVERY time those calories creep up and before I know it I am stalled or gaining. I'm sorry you are going through this- hugs to you!

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4/16/12 12:16 P

Hello, KHUMPHREY316 !

Yes, having PCOS can make it difficult to lose weight, but it's not impossible. Several of the Spark members who have PCOS will tell you that losing weight is slow going. Have you joined any of the Spark Teams for PCOS ? Join a couple of the teams and talk with the other members. they can give you recommendations for what did and didn't work for them.

I would ask you if you're logging your food ? If you're not logging your food, I'm going to encourage you to set up your Spark nutrition profile. Studies have shown that people who log their food lose more weight than those who don't.

Also, how long have you been trying to lose ? While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, having PCOS would slow down your loss. You won't see losses like they do on the Biggest Loser. those types of losses are just not typical. However, if you eat right, watch your portions and get some regular exercise that includes some strength training, you will lose with time. And you do have to be patient with yourself and your body. You didn't gain the weight overnight, it's not coming off overnight.

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4/16/12 11:42 A

I'm having a hard time losing weight. I don't know why, but i have this illness or syndrome rather called, "Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome". I don't know if this is what is causing me to have slow or no weight loss? I am trying very hard, and I am getting no where. I am starting to lose faith? Does anyone have this or have any suggestions that could help me get more motivated??

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