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6/12/12 2:17 P

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid overeating. For example, when I can't get enough sleep, I can't stop myself from overeating. In such cases what I do is first fix my sleep, and next, distribute the calories overeaten over the rest of the week and burn half of it through exercise and compensate the other half trough reduced caloric intake.

MARG17 Posts: 285
6/12/12 9:56 A

Going over deos happen, but try to stay within range the rest of the week

6/12/12 8:40 A

Weight loss isn't about a calorie deficit per day, it's about a calorie deficit over time. Try to identify why you ate over your range rather than thinking about how you can "undo" it. The past is over, but luckily, we are always working toward the future :) If you ate over your range because you were hungry, then maybe you should adjust your meal plans. If you ate over your range because you were bored, then you might need to find a new hobby or something that occupies your hands so that you aren't looking for a snack.

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6/12/12 6:20 A

When I go over...which is usually 1 a week I try to stay at the low end of my calorie range for the rest of the week. I usually plan 1 day a week as my cheat day. When I say cheat day I don't mean I binge all day...I usually have something that is not part of my normal eating for the week. Mine is usually pizza or a dinner out in a restaurant. If I go way over, I add an additional day of cardio to my 5x a week, to off set the guilt not the calories.

As others said one day of 500 calories will not make or break your weight loss...doing it every day will lead to weight gain. And that gain will only be a pound. 3500 per week deficit to lose and 3500 per week extra to gain one pound of fat.

6/12/12 6:05 A

I sense guilt and shame...I think if we want this to work, we need to get rid of that mindset that "I'm a loser..but not at weight". Even regular weight people go over. Today is over and tomorrow is a new beginning. I like all the things said here. Good advice!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
6/12/12 1:50 A

Don't think that way. You can't out-exercise a bad diet, and you certainly don't want to teach yourself that "exercise is punishment for poor food choices".

If you want to ensure you're not over for the whole week, how about mid-range for 3-4 days?

Eg if your range is 1200-1550 and you ate 2050 today (500 over the top), then if you eat at 1300-1400 for 4 days, you have 'banked back' about 800 calories - and you're well within range for "those 5 days" in total.

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6/11/12 8:08 P

That is very helpful advice. Thank you!!

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6/11/12 7:56 P

500 calories isn't a lot. It's a bit of a binge, yes, but it's not worth freaking out over.

You shouldn't try to "punish" yourself, or compensate for overeating by trying to workout. That sets up a disordered thinking pattern than isn't healthy. Remember that one bad day isn't going to derail your progress! Stick to your program, and you'll be fine. 500 calories won't sabotage your entire week! Stick to your ranges and your normal exercise routine for the rest of the week, and you should be just fine.

Don't try to punish yourself by eating less, or working out more, when you mess up. This isn't a journey about perfection. Just make your next decision a healthy one!

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6/11/12 7:53 P

I went over my calories for today by A LOT (about 500), and my question is... if I workout and burn the amount of calories I went over will that balance it out? I'm not sure how the whole calories eaten, calories burned thing works. I just follow what SP says to do! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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