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9/14/12 11:53 A

Hmmmm....I have always kept my onions in the fridge. and never thought twice about it!

CALAMITYJEN13 Posts: 150
9/9/12 6:06 P

Normal drawer for uncut onions, fridge for cut.

The most important thing is not to store onions and potatoes together because they cause each other to go off quicker (I wondered for a long time why my potatoes were always sprouting emoticon )

8/24/12 11:19 A

We tend to use pearl sized onions (we grow them from scallions which end up turning into small bulb onions which are amazing). We store them in our pantry, keeping them cool and dry.There are people who report to us that they bought onions from us in the fall and were still using them in the spring (heck, we've done it too). If we do have leftovers (maybe from a salad), it will certainly go into the fridge. There has been no evidence that bulb onions produce any toxins/bacteria (unless of course contaminated). Onions are very acidic and therefore aren't quite so welcoming to bacteria.

We keep our potatoes in the pantry as well, cool and dry. They generally last a while.<

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
8/24/12 7:34 A

I always keep chopped onions in a clear 1/2 lb deli box in the refrig we use alot of onions and when they are ready we us more ! emoticon

NANCYHOME247 SparkPoints: (25,227)
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8/22/12 10:32 P

Growing up in the 1950-60's in Ohio, my mother kept a vegetable pantry in the basement, including an onion bin and a potato bin.

But I've always kept them together in a bin in my refrigerator--probably due to lack of kitchen space throughout the years. I've never had a problem with spoilage or deterioration of taste.

I've always wrapped partly used onions in a plastic bag, which got thrown right back in the bin on top of the whole onions. Never noticed anything wrong with using them up at a later date.

READE2MOVE2012 SparkPoints: (9,014)
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8/19/12 12:45 P

I use to keep onions in the fridge. However, I read that onions have a poison that is emitted after they have been cut. You should not keep the leftover cut onion.

Although, I never have had any problems with keeping my cut onions for continued use I did stop putting them in th fridge everything else is the same.

AUDREYUK Posts: 648
8/19/12 5:01 A

I keep mine on the counter. I only buy 2-3 at a time so they get eaten pretty quickly! If I only use part of one, I wrap what's left in plastic wrap and then foil (to keep the smell from permeating everything) and store in the fridge. Probably you can't go wrong no matter what you do.

8/18/12 2:51 A

Fridge / cool room

PJ2222 SparkPoints: (181,453)
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8/17/12 12:46 P

Yes it's ok!

8/17/12 8:45 A

i keep mine in the fridge

IREANIE SparkPoints: (42,041)
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8/16/12 8:21 P

My mother kept her onions and her potatoes in the fridge. They lasted a lot longer and there was no difference in taste. I am diabetic so I store my onions on the counter until I cut them because storing in the fridge ups the sugars in them. To my knowledge it does nothing to the potatoes?

PATRUCK42 SparkPoints: (10,596)
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8/15/12 11:02 P

I thought I heard somewhere that after you cut an onion, you shouldn't try to save the leftover piece even in the fridge. I've been trying my hand at dehydrating veggies, meat (jerky), berries, & peppers. Right now I chop up any onions left, freeze them for soup, stew. But I was thinking about dehydrating onion leftovers. Has anyone ever done that? I'm planning to hike the Appalachian Trail in 2014 & plan to take a lot of home-dehydrated meals. Just learning things.

Check out my Spark Page about the Appalachian Trail.

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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8/14/12 8:46 P

I store my onions on the counter until I cut them; once they've been cut, we store them in a container in the fridge.

The only thing to remember when storing them in the fridge is to keep them where the smell is contained. If you set them near eggs, eggs can soak up the smell and get a bit oniony!

HHB4181 SparkPoints: (83,738)
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8/14/12 8:39 P

awesome, thank you both

MIAMI_LILLY SparkPoints: (203,619)
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8/14/12 6:25 P

If I have room in the frjdge to fit my onions, then that's where I keep them. As the previous poster stated, if the onion is cold, your eyes won't tear when you chop them.

LAURAAT Posts: 1,506
8/14/12 4:33 P

Go for it. I always put my onions in the freezer about 15 minutes before I cut them, and it reduces the tears. :)

HHB4181 SparkPoints: (83,738)
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8/14/12 3:36 P

Is it okay to put onions in the fridge?? I know it's not good to put potatoes in the fridge, but I wasn't sure about onions? emoticon

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