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ALICIAYOUNG1127 Posts: 110
4/13/11 7:27 P

I love the olive oil cooking spray!

4/13/11 7:07 P

I am an olive oil girl. In moderation of course.

GAMECOX Posts: 174
4/13/11 12:48 P

If I'm cooking with medium high heat, I use olive oil. The spray tends to darken the food to much.

The important part is to measure it out and count it in the total calories of the day.

CTTAGENT Posts: 1,703
4/13/11 12:20 A

I personally use olive oil, especially for sauteing. I do not use any others.

4/1/11 6:41 P

Buy a Misto! You fill it with olive oil and then pump it and it works like Pam, only it is pure olive oil, without the chemicals and stuff that come in regular cooking spray. They are only 9.95 and worth evrey penny. We use ours everyday!

SIGNAL2182 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (67)
Posts: 3
3/29/11 11:28 P

I use the sprays if all I need is the non-stick factor. I use oil whenever I sauté, or when flavor or texture is an issue. However, I do my best to remember to measure it. It's too easy to pour a few tablespoons instead of teaspoons.

SMIT6089 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (516)
Posts: 9
3/29/11 10:24 P

Sometimes you just need olive oil, things like oven fries or roasted asparagus. I'm not huge on the flavor of eggs 'fried' in olive oil but if you gently cook them in cooking spray it's like a fried egg with way less guilt. :D

SUNNYGRL160 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 40
3/29/11 10:05 P

i uses both, depending what it is being used for.

ELLEN0407 Posts: 2,037
3/25/11 12:18 P

they sell olive oil spray too but i have both the canola and olive oil sprays. i also agree with the last poster. i try to switch any butter in mealtime foods to olive oil and most recipes can halve the oil.

ALIAKAI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (365)
Posts: 319
3/25/11 11:54 A

You may be adding extra calories using the olive oil, but the calories you are adding are healthy unsaturated fats that boost health in a number of ways. Just try to get used to only using 1 tsp-1 tbsp, depending on the size of the recipe and how many people you are serving. I love olive, safflower, and sesame oils, depending on what I am cooking (olive is my standby, safflower mostly for baking and sesame for the recipes with an asian flair). I very rarely use nonstick spray except when I am throwing something in the oven I know will stick or am sauteing something I only need to brown (eggplant is another thing I use it for since it is an oil sponge and the extra oil you have to use adds a ton of calories). I hope that helped!

Edited by: ALIAKAI at: 3/25/2011 (11:55)
3/25/11 11:27 A

I have to agree with you - the taste of olive oil can't be replaced in some things. A small amount of olive oil adds calories, so I guess you just have to decide if the enjoyment of the food is worth the calories. I'm an olive oil lover - I don't use anything else.

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EMILYT0082 Posts: 342
3/25/11 8:51 A

Is the calorie savings in using non-stick spray worth the taste difference?
Which do you use to generally sauté vegetables?
Does it matter what you are cooking?
Are there healthier oils you enjoy?
I tend to turn to olive oil for everything, but I know I may be adding extra calories!

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