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PMONACHI Posts: 160
1/4/09 6:07 P

I am also getting married in October '09 (this year yay!!) Fiances are stressing me out more than anything at this point. Yes I'd like to lose 15-20 pounds for my wedding day but I'd rather not be in debt by then either!! My FH and I have been putting $$ away since we got engaged which is great, but stress of living month to month making sure all the ends meet is killing me.

As far as health goes, I got in a good habit of going to the gym regularly for about 3 months and now that the holidays are over I'm actually looking forward to going back. I am registering for a 15K race in July which should be great motivation for me to get in shape, especially since I am NOT a runner! I'd love to hear more motivational stories from all of you in the same boat!

FUN-BEING-MUM Posts: 224
1/3/09 5:44 P

I am getting married in October also and am starting to feel the stress of all the planning, to stop myself from freaking out about it all i am using my fitness as a break from the planning - turn exercise into a positive thing - i certainly don't want to be thinking about flowers, dresses, churches etc every second of the day LOL!! We all want to look good on our big days and it is 10 months away yet so we can all lose a good amount of weight by then! To motivate myself to lose the pounds i have just registered for a half marathon in May - it will take my mind off planning and get me into shape (hopefully)! Why don't you cancel the gym, put the money towards the wedding and then go running outside instead? Hope the wedding planning is going well - i have so much to do!! x

1/3/09 8:44 A

I'm getting married in October, too, and I, too, have gained back all the weight I lost two years ago (about 25 pounds anyway). So the point here is that I feel your pain.

I don't know what works for you, but I'm starting slow: more water, less fast food, and trying to do twenty minutes of yoga three times this week.

When I had a gym membership, what got me in the habit of going was making appointments with other people who went. I'd say I'd meet them there after work, so that way I'd have to go. And once you're there, it's easy to at least do ten or twenty minutes (more if you're motivated to). Maybe you can try that with your fiancee.

Either way, try to carve out time to go at least once this week. If you go one more day each week, it'll only take you a month or so to work up to how many days you'd like to be doing.

Good luck!

1/1/09 8:41 P

Hang in there, Jenny! Just think about what you can do today, both with the wedding and the weight loss. My wedding is also in October and the closer it gets, the more stress can build up. I've been trying to picture myself doing the exercises I want to do and today, it helped!


JENNY10179 Posts: 392
12/15/08 2:20 P

Hi Everyone. First time posting on this board. I am really feeling the stress of wedding planning and I recently put back on all the weight I lost and more from when I lost it with Sparkpeople 2 years ago. So not only am I freaking out over planning and wedding costs, I want to try and lose weight also and sometimes it seems like I have way too much on my plate. My fiance and I joined a gym 2 months ago and have not even gone yet! I am telling myself after the holidays I will jump right in, but I have tried to get back on the wagon this summer also and so some reason it feels sooo much harder. I really want to shed some pounds and feel better about myself but my problem is when I get stressed out and anxious I eat and eat and eat and then feel guilty and bad about myself. :(

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