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4/1/12 1:30 A

We did toddler bed first at around 2 year of age. About 2. 5 years, we tried to potty train her -- she showed signs she knew she was going, etc etc. Well, it was one week of pure horribleness for all involved...we struggles and everyone was frustrated. When we saw the doctor (for something minor), I mentioned this and she said "let her pick when she wants to wear big girl undies".

So, I said to her "Vicky, when do you want to wear big girl undies all the time." She said "when I'm 3." I said, ok, pick a day in February (when her bday is). She picked a day. All that month we talked about it and made it a big deal that on X day (about 1 week after her bday), she'd be no longer in diapers. And viola --- on that day, she went into undies and it was easy -- very few accidents -- mostly from waiting too long to run to the bathroom -- less than 5.

Let me tell you -- that was so much easier than the fighting we had when WE decided she should try to be potty trained.

My son (who is older) was very different and very easy. One day (around 2.5 years or just before), the daycare lady said, I think he should go into pull ups, he's ready and says he wants to like the other boys. I'm like really --- she said yes. OK. We did. In less than a week, she said, put him in undies. And we did. He was great. No problems and few accidents.

So, for us, it was about them saying they wanted to.

SENZ2001 Posts: 123
3/31/12 7:40 P

I've got a almost 3 y.o. and he loved his new bed right after he turned two. Which ever you think they are ready for.

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3/30/12 1:47 P

Toddler bed first. They love that they are in a big bed. Then the potty training comes easy right after the move to the big bed.

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3/29/12 11:13 P

You could make getting a new bed into a "prize" for her successful potty training. I'm old school and went with good ol' cotton training pants for my kids. If you use Pull-Ups, they don't get mushy and cold like the cloth ones so the kids aren't motivated to stop having accidents.

We diapered them at night for a while, but they stayed dry once they were "day trained."

Keep it all positive. "You pottied on the carpet? Oopsie--next time see how fast you can get to the bathroom," etc. I think it's best to try to stay at home for a couple of weeks so that you can be consistent.

Good Luck! emoticon

KLOOP24 Posts: 23
3/28/12 5:46 P

Just wanting to know others' experience training their kids? My daughteris showing signs of knowing when she pees/poops, and wipes herself when we goto change her diaper. any suggestions on what to do first? what type of diapers to start her in or what to do?

please share your stories and helpful info.

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