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7/15/12 1:31 P

a printable meal plan would be great...

6/18/12 10:46 A

If you can get a FULL VIEW of the meal plan on your screen... Use the PRINT SCREEN (PrtScn) button on your keyboard, if you have one, it's right beside the F12 button usually. Then, head over to MS PAINT and click "select" then down in the draw area, right click, and then select the "paste" option... Then you can drag the "picture" around a little, cutting off the unwanted stuff, like the address bar... and then the bottom and right sides of the screen can be deleted by erasing them.. or by dragging the screen in a bit.. cutting those areas off.

Then, take your mouse pointer to the top left side to the "save" button and save it... Making sure you know where you are saving it to. (usually "my documents" is where it goes, unless you changed the file location).

Try it. After a few times of using it.. you will start to get a better feel of it.

When you go to print it out, you would be better off opening the file up with "open with" and then clicking "ms paint" or "paint"... Then once it's open, click "file" and then click "print" and a new screen should pop open, if not.. hover over the "print" option and then click the "page set up" option... Then click "fit to" and then 1 by 1 page(s). If it's wider than it is taller, click "landscape" rather than "portrait"... You can also click the centering stuff... Horizontal and vertical. And then click "ok" button. Then go back and click Print. And then there should be a window pop up to print the project out... do so.

If it's too small to read, try making the page 2x1 or 2x2 page(s) and then taping those together do they make a large chart.

I KNOW that's a lot of work, but, by doing this, you are able to use the Spark site and the menu creator as you want to.

Good luck. :)


You can do this for images and such that you find online that you cannot click on and "save"... :) It's a very useful technique.

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6/17/12 1:11 A

yes I would also appreciate a meal planner a printable one would be even better, I tried looking for one but on the search engine but couldn't find a good one

Thanks xx

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1/11/12 4:56 P

The only improvemnt that I would make is to have it be able to do for a longer period of time. I get paid by monthy so this would help me out a bit plus I think for those who are on a budget.

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4/2/11 12:28 P

thanks so much, I do know it will take some work at first but I would have to do it anyway. this way I can get the rest that I need. Thanks again coach and SP fir helping me out. emoticon
I have had my coffee group, some sandwiches etc. So I am ahead but I have started putting my favorite recipes in and that will help too.

Huh see that - you can eat your cake and track it too.

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4/2/11 1:40 A

I really wish they'd just list all items on the meal planner. I'm going to have to figure out something else. It's just too much work and I'm having to handwrite stuff on it. Bummer, because I really would have liked this to work for me. Thanks though.

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4/1/11 10:39 P

Once you have items saved as favorites, recipes saved, or even create food groupings that you commonly eat, it will take less time to enter your food. If you find that you are eating a grouping of food, create a food group of it in the add a food tab.

As long as you enter your food items ahead of time (you can only enter up to 7 days in advance), you can use the shopping list button for all those items that you have listed in your tracker. If you want to print out your weekly meals, then you can scroll down to just below the nutrition tracker and click on the button for "See Today's Full Report." You can then select a date and choose up to 7 days to show on that, then print it.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

MADYANKEE Posts: 531
4/1/11 12:27 P

Due to a restricted diet, I can't eat more than 60% of the tiems listed on the meal planner or substitutions. I also have to have large calcium intake, and 5 or 6 small meals/snacks a day. After tracking and review, I found out that I was way under in calories. I am also trying to balance carb and fat and increase my protein.
It takes so long to input my food that I am getting frustrated. Then trying to up my calorie intake, I have added things I make and that takes even more time. Then I saw that I could put my own recipes in my recipe book and make a meal planner that way, which I am starting to do.
I want to make weekly meal planners and get the shopping list and the other tools. Will this work?

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,547
3/15/11 12:56 P

The Print Meal Plan button will only show the meal plans that are created by SP, not the additional items you add. However, if you were to check off the items in the meal plans that you are going to eat AND add the items that you want to eat in place of a meal plan, you can click on the button to "See Today's Full Report" and then select up to 7 days to print.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

3/12/11 10:14 P

I am trying to print a meal plan. On one day, I have two meals that are "Meal Plan" meals, the dinner one though is a recipe that I added in and shows up as Custom Food. When I print my Printable Meal Plan, it is not show or print Custom Foods. Now what? I want all three to show up. Thanks for any help at all. I keep thinking that I'm having to use another recipe program software that I have to do meal plans and track food. I hope not. I love Spark People's stuff, but this Meal Plan is not working how I need it to. I'm hoping it's error on my part.

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