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6/14/12 9:51 A

Well said, all of you. You each make excellent points and give me something to think about.

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6/14/12 6:09 A

If there's one thing reading these boards has made extremely plain to me, it's that the results obtained by force-feeding lab rats under very restrictive conditions are highly unlikely to generalize to free-eating humans, especially ones who invest food with a great deal of surplus meaning and moral value. There's a certain substrate of generalizability, obviously, but by the time you work through all the layers of habit, ritualistic behavior, denial, food availability, and a thousand other things, that substrate gets buried pretty deeply. I'd be a lot more convinced by a study with human subjects.

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6/14/12 6:07 A

It is good to know opposing studies, don't you think? In physical sciences, there can't be subjective answers. Only results that conflict because not everything is known about what is going on.

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6/14/12 4:19 A

And yet the low-carb proponents can probably name 15 studies proving low carb is better for you and leads to better weight loss success.

I think the lesson is - everything works for somebody. Find an approach that suits YOU, and don't tell others your way is the only way. There are many paths.

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6/14/12 4:04 A

of what was already known. According to this study, low carb high fat diets are worse off than high carb low fat diets at the same caloric intake.
I came across this study because for the past 6 weeks in which I ate low carb and high fat (almonds), I could not lose any significant fat. I will increase my complex carbs to my daily allowance so that I can at least work out comfortably.

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