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GAILRUU Posts: 10,210
5/19/11 9:14 A

Years ago I could lose 2 pounds a week easily. Now, in my late 60's the weight comes off much slower (about 1/2 to 3/4 pounds a week) but I was still able to lose on about 1400 calories per day and an hour of exercise (Curves, treadmill and Wii). I agree you should get your thyroid checked and maybe change the type of exercise in case your body has gotten used to what you are doing.

MARCIEFIT Posts: 724
5/19/11 8:58 A

Hi! You should definitely go get all your numbers checked by a physician. Thyroid, gluten, etc. And you definitely need to be eating more calories. Seeing a nutritionist (that comes highly recommended) should be at the top of your list. You might need more good dietary fat. There's alot to be said about the distribution of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Logging one day of your food intake into Spark will give you some idea of how your intake looks in terms of percentages.

Just probably took alot of time to gain whatever extra weight you are carrying. So, it might take some time to release it, according to YOUR own body's needs, and nobody elses. Be kind to yourself, you deserve it. Good luck, and one day at a time.

KEL_CE Posts: 1,988
5/18/11 11:25 A

Do you know how many calories you burn during your workout? In my hour workout I was burning around 500-700 calories which created a huge deficit. I needed 1400 minimum. I know that sounds scary and it scared me adding calories but I finally lost weight that way.

Stress can definitely slow you down, another plateau I had I was stressing about my weight so I stopped weight for a month while still following diet and exercise and I lost 5lbs lol.

Give yourself a break. You're doing great things for yourself and it takes time to find the exact formula that works for you. If all else fails find a dietitian or a trainer. They cost money but your health is worth it.

Good luck and if you need to vent or ask questions or just need support feel free to message me!

ECHOXARTIST SparkPoints: (0)
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5/18/11 11:10 A

Hm. I've tried 1200, and I gain weight? I'm just confused at how I can eat the right number of calories, work out, and move the scale in the right direction.... :( I eat very healthy, super low salt, low fat. I think that a lot of it is stress - I also have an inactive job at the computer. :/ I will try the 1200 again, and see if it works. Thank you for the support though, I feel like I'm going crazy.
The diet and exercise worked great last time, a few years ago. But now...nothing. It's almost like my husband will eat pizza, and I'll gain the weight! crazy. x

KEL_CE Posts: 1,988
5/18/11 11:02 A

1000 calories is too few! 1200 calories is what it takes for you body to carry out it's basic functions of the day. Any lower than that puts you in starvation mode and any workout you add on top of that only adds to the trouble.

I was getting roughly 1200 calories a day and not losing weight at all. Because I was doing intense exercise I actually had to add a minimum of 200 calories of day to break through the plateau I was in. It seems counter intuitive but too few calories can stall you out just as much as too many.

Good luck!

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5/18/11 9:48 A

Several years ago, I went on a workout regimen, ate well, and lost twenty lbs. Ever since having Mirena put in, I've gained a bit each year regardless of watching what I eat, and exercising. I've been so careful to exercise and eat well, and it still creeps on.
Any ideas what to do if everything fails? If I go below 1000 calories a day, I'm dizzy all of the time. And the only way working out works is if I do so a minimum of 2 hours a day. Lately I've been working out 1/2 hour a day, and eating about 1000 calories - and according to the site, I should be shedding weight. I'm pretty much at a loss, and frustrated. I really think the only thing that will work will be to stop eating altogether. I've tried all of the tricks - eating little meals throughout the day - salads, oatmeal, no soda. I *know* how to do this, I've done it before successfully. But for some reason something has changed this time around, and the old routine no longer works. Age, maybe?

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