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3/21/12 11:29 A

Hello, Lil !

I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling.

You were given a link to a Spark team for people with eating disorders hoping to gain weight, you might want to check out this team to for support. I don't know what illness your husband has, but this team is for cancer spouses. You may find some support there even if your hubby doesn't have cancer.

Have you considered talking to your local church for support ? There are many religious organizations that will help out. Check your area for support groups. Some groups have online support. That might be worth a look.

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3/20/12 11:25 P

Hi LilDoe.

While SparkPeople is a wonderful community of support and encouragement, there are some issues that are too complex for our members and experts to begin to offer advice and information, however, we do have resources that may help you get the help you need. Below is a link to Coach Dean's article on eating disorders that may help you get know where you may get some help.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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3/20/12 9:57 P

I did a search on the Community Tab for a spark team that focused on gaining weight, and I only found one small one. The link is above. You might try reaching out to some of those members and see if anyone is active and can help support you.

I totally agree with the other posters that you need to see a physician and ask for a referral to a registered dietician who can help put you on the type of eating program that would take care of you. I'm 5'11'' and I weight 60 lbs more than you do. I can't imagine weighing that much less and feeling good. You doctor might also consider some type of counseling program or anti-anxiety medication that can help reduce your stress right now.

I read an article today and wished I would have saved the link, but it talked about types of food that you can eat to help reduce stress - spinach, almonds, avocados are some of the ones I remember.

In the end, nothing anyone says here will get you well. That will only come if you make the decision and the commitment to take the steps on a daily basis to get to a place of health. I say that out of concern for you and not in a judgmental way. The same is true for those of us who had 60 pounds to lose instead of gain. We all had to make a decision to get healthy and then do the hard work to get there.

You can do it and I hope you decide to do it. Life is to short to suffer and be miserable either overweight, or underweight. It might give your husband some peace if he knew you were going to be alright.

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3/20/12 8:21 P

If you receive professional help for your disorder, this may very well be the right place for you. IF you need to stick to a minimum calorie range, we can help you do that. But you need to see a doctor first; this sort of thing is very difficult, if not impossible, to do on your own. You should ask your doctor if it's a good idea for you to be on a website that focuses on weight loss.

Just know that we're here for you, regardless. Even if we're more used to losing weight than gaining it.

3/20/12 8:05 P

I absolutely agree with the previous poster! You're going through a lot right now, reach out to professionals for real life help!

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3/20/12 6:58 P

Keep looking around the site: I think there are eating disorder groups... but I just want to make sure that you are receiving care in real life. You are going through a lot right now and this is something that no one can do alone. Consider both a professional nutritionist (who can get you on a good diet that will be nutritious and guaranteed not to make you fat), and a therapist who specializes in anxiety related eating issues. Both of these professionals will be able to point you towards real life support groups in your area. You very certainly aren't alone in what you are going through.

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3/20/12 6:35 P

I am a 39 year old female with high stress and bad eating habits. I am NOT over weight in fact I am about 30 pounds UNDER weight. I have an eating disorder, but it is not the common ones. I have a phobia of getting fat. This stems from the fact most of my family is 75-100 pounds over weight. I have had this phobia since elementary school. I have developed hypoglycemia from not eating correctly or often enough. My husband is 46 and terminally ill. Since he has become ill I have developed anxiety attacks. Between the stress and anxiety I have steadily lost weight. I was at 125 pounds a year ago. I am now at 111 pounds and I am 5'10". I don't know if any of your groups are close to the kind of support at eating right I need. Do you know of any?

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