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1/14/12 3:40 P

You can get protein from tons of whole foods that are super easy and delicious. Nuts and seeds, beans, eggs, whole grains (quinoa, barley), soy products (milk, tofu), and surprisingly you can get protein from many common fruits and vegetables.

Goats milk has a high amount of protein and much less fat than cows milk.

Think outside the meat-routine. It's definitely not the only source. And most definitely not the best source.

VEDDER98 Posts: 2
1/13/12 8:26 P

Thanks for the tips! I LOVE cheese, so the mini Babybels will be perfect. My husband always has hard boiled eggs in the fridge so I'll start getting into those too! emoticon

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1/13/12 2:38 P

The babybel cheese is a great idea! Thanks for the tip. Also, I find hard boiled eggs to be a filling low calorie breakfast item.

HMKITTEN Posts: 458
1/12/12 2:34 P

My go-to foods for protein are eggs (70 cals, 5g fat, 6g protein), and Mini Babybel Light Cheeses (50 cals, 3g fat, 6g protein). Beans are another great source for protein, and have a good hit of fiber as well--just watch your sodium if you use canned.

The cheeses are really cheap from Costco or Sam's and eggs (or just egg white if you want to cut fat as well) are great as well.

I tend to stay away from the powders because I am gluten intolerant and most either have gluten ingredients or cross contamination (or just taste...wrong), but some people swear by them.

1/12/12 8:25 A

one idea would be to get some protein powder from a health food store. They have several flavors. I was recommended Pea Protein. It had a taste I needed to get used to, but I add that to my salad, otherwise you can mix it with a liquid and just drink it.

Egg whites are full of protein and low calorie. And tuna is great.
Just a few thoughts....

VEDDER98 Posts: 2
1/11/12 9:48 P

Hi, I just finished my 1st week tracking my food on my phone, and at the end of the night, there's always extra protein remaining in my "bank". Any tips for a quick protein boost with little fat or calories?

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