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HAPPYERIN Posts: 335
6/14/12 11:37 P

Oh man, I have this problem a lot, and it seems so silly! Eat more, are you crazy? I'm full!

When this happens, I usually go for a glass of 1% milk (this is what my hubby drinks, and since Spark I'm not going through the skim milk fast enough to buy two milks). I'll add amounts into my tracker to figure out how much I'd need to meet my goal, and if it's too much milk for me to drink, I might supplement some reduced fat peanut butter. The end of my day is usually around 10/10:30 and I don't want to eat much at that point. Good luck!

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6/14/12 10:30 P

Sorry for the confusion...the supplement comment was for the OP. (I couldn't see her name when I posted.)

The info on that site is sketchy and the author, Libby, didn't list her credentials or site her source.

__STEPHANIE Posts: 58
6/14/12 10:08 P

you shouldnt care about your roomates haha they can cook their own food!! do this for YOU!! i live with my boyfriend and one more guy and i make my own food all the time!! my bf is sitting across from me eating a huge bowl of pasta right now and i just finished my casein snack before bed haha. do whats right for YOU!!


i may be wrong, i've just read a bunch of articles and fitness models posts' saying to eat breakfast (for example-
) either way, breakfast is important, especially since she isnt eating enough it would help get caliories... and in regards to supplements i dont know if that was directed at me for reccommending the protein powder, i only suggested it because she asked which one i used because it was in my nutrition tracker, and i use it in some recipes that i make. the only supplements i take are a multi vitamin, fish oil and whey protein emoticon

sorry for any confusion

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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6/14/12 9:58 P


Some of the info further below is wrong.

Your body IS NOT going to eat your muscle if you don't eat within 1 hour of waking.

You also don't need a supplement if you are already getting your calories from food.

6/14/12 9:21 P

Thank you Stephanie. The idea of Spaghetti Squash will go with me, but not my roommates. I really think if they tried it they would like it, but they won't even try it. I also realized that I had pretty much taken out any bread. One slice of toast with my breakfast or an open face sandwich on just one slice of bread also helps.

__STEPHANIE Posts: 58
6/14/12 1:13 P

I substitute pasta with spaghetti squash. Its soooo yummy and only 40 calories per cup. If you're struggling for energy I would add more things like greens and veggies to make sure you have enough nutrients.... in terms of adding carbs like pasta for calories, I would avoid adding pasta and add healthy fats like olive oil, peanut butter (natural) and avocado

6/14/12 3:26 A

I find that I have been eating a lot of pasta thinking it will give me the calories I need, but it also gives me too many carbohydrates, so I end up backing off on what my body really needs. I know I don't get enough exercise and I feel less energetic.

6/13/12 7:19 P


HAPINANA SparkPoints: (15,768)
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6/13/12 7:00 P

eewww... eat my muscles. I want it to eat my fat!! emoticon
OK.. I will try to get up earlier and try it! Something's wrong and I need to fix it.
I'm losing weight but not like I should be.
So we'll see if it helps.. also where do you buy that Dymatize Iso-100. I would like to try it?
Should I wait?
Thanks again!
Where are you from. I'm from California emoticon

__STEPHANIE Posts: 58
6/13/12 5:51 P

you should try to make yourself eat within and hour of waking up. this is so your body doesnt eat your muscles. think about it, you've been "fasting" for 8 hours while sleeping... also, to try to eat every 2.5-3 hours to keep your metabolism up. after doing this for a while you will rev up your metabolism and turn into a fat burning machine because your body knows it can use fat for fuel, not muscle!!

example, try for this: ( i dont know your calorie range, lets pretend 1400 )

9am: 300 cals CARB FAT PROTEIN

12pm: 300 cals CARB FAT PROTEIN

3pm: 300 cals CARB FAT PROTEIN

6pm: 300 cals FAT PROTEIN

9pm: 200 FAT PROTEIN

HAPINANA SparkPoints: (15,768)
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6/13/12 5:35 P

Not skipping lunch purposely... I'm retired, so I stay up late. I don't get up on the average until about 9AM, have coffee and don't really eat until about 11:30-12:00, that's when I have, what I'm calling, my breakfast???

PRTYBRD SparkPoints: (17,261)
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6/13/12 4:26 P

Just out of curiosity...why are you skipping lunch?

HAPINANA SparkPoints: (15,768)
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6/13/12 4:18 P

emoticon forgot to save... now its ok!! emoticon

__STEPHANIE Posts: 58
6/13/12 2:38 P

@ hapinana... i went to your page but i cant see your tracker are you sure it's public?? Also, if your macros ARE good like you say they are, then I would either add more volume of what you eat or just another snack.. i'll wait to see your tracker though emoticon

HAPINANA SparkPoints: (15,768)
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6/13/12 2:19 P

thanks my friends... my food tracker is now public! I'm pretty much eating the right amount of carbs, protein and fats, but just not enough foods. I think in my head that the amount of calories given to my by sparkpeople is very very high??
I don't know, I just need to eat more I guess??
Appreciate your help, please and thank you for what was already given to me.

SPOORK Posts: 1,193
6/13/12 12:34 P

Some food ideas:

Nuts and Seeds
Nut butters
Beans and lentils
Full fat cheese
Full fat yogurt
Brown rice
Whole wheat pasta and bread (Sticking to 1 serving isn't going to put you over your calories)
Stir fries or adding a little oil to your vegetables when you sautee or bake them

If you make your tracker public people can give you more specific recommendations. Also, don't be afraid to eat foods high in carbs in moderation. Your body needs carbs.

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LAURENBNJ SparkPoints: (0)
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6/13/12 12:18 P

Are you tracking your calories here? Maybe you are really eating enough. It's possible that you aren't burning as many calories as you think - not all workout machines are accurate.

If you still aren't, you need to remember to eat a balanced diet. You will have trouble staying away, exercising, etc. if you don't have enough protein and carbs. Fill your plate with approximately half vegetables, 1/4 meat/protein, and 1/4 whole grains/starch.

__STEPHANIE Posts: 58
6/13/12 12:14 P

post your daily calorie goals and a sample meal plan and i will suggest some things...

easy way to add calories is fats, and they are so good for you!! (avocado, nuts/butters, olive oil)

feel free to look @ my nutrition log.. i have no problem eating enough haha emoticon

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HAPINANA SparkPoints: (15,768)
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6/13/12 12:05 P

emoticon I am just not eating enough calories.... I know that sounds weird, but is someone else having this problem...??
I eat meat every day, lots of fruit and vegetables. I think where my problem is? I tend to stay away from breads, pastas, etc. I am a confirmed carbaholic and I'm afraid to eat these items, which would add up to calories on my daily intake.
How do I get past this phobia....
Thanks for your help...... PLEASE HELP ME EAT MORE???? emoticon
How can I add calories, but not go overboard, because I am full all day long???
What a mess !! emoticon

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