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3/20/12 11:49 A

I poach chicken breasts or chicken tenders in a little water seasoned with Good Seasons Italian dressing. This comes in dry packets and I put on a half or whole packet depending on the amount of chicken. Let simmer until just done. Very tasty and tender.

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3/19/12 7:57 A

I agree, a bacon/burger press should work pretty well for that uniform flatness! Don't have one, so I forgot about it!


A lot of chicken breast available in the groceries is actually processed with broth or a salt & water mixture (it will say so in VERY FINE print on the package). Even stuff that appears to be weighed & packaged by the store. If you look for that type of package, you might get close to the Noodle's taste. I then poach the chicken in its own juices with dry oregano & basil & some pepper, rather than fry it, to get it tender. Not sure how you could do that while using a bacon press, though.

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3/18/12 2:44 P

Thanks for the response.

Geez, if nobody cooks fresh anymore, how are we expected to be able to rip off their recipes? LOL.

I think I saw them use one of those presses, like they use on bacon, or in various burger joints. I might try one of those, and it might help with the cooking, but still not the flavor, so I guess I'll just keep trying. That is a lot of sodium, though.

I think one of the tricks to eating healthy though, is to really like what you're eating, & sometimes the healthy foods are a little low on flavor. Hmmm. Back to the drawing board!

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3/18/12 11:07 A

Looking at Noodle's & Co. nutrition data: there are 370 mg sodium in their chicken breast. When I looked up the nutrition data for chicken breast on its own, it was 104 mg of sodium. So, one aspect of the seasoning is about 265 mg of sodium!

The Noodle's chicken breasts are also flat and so cook more evenly. I have never been able to pound chicken breast to that type of flatness on my own.

I have worked a little bit in chain restaurants, although I have not worked at Noodles. It would not surprise me if the Noodle's chicken breasts come to the restaurant pre-cut, pre-cooked, and pre-seasoned, requiring only thawing and re-heating on their grills. It's really hard for a home cook to reproduce the sort of taste that comes along with that kind of industrial processing.

Sure is dang tasty, I agree with you there!

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3/17/12 10:57 P

I'm looking for a recipe that comes close to how the chicken breasts from Noodles taste, (the regular, not the parmesan-coated). I love the flavor of those chicken breasts, & I think I could add that to a lot of my meals if I just knew what the ingredients are.

I've tried various things to season chicken breasts, & it's never been right, not anything I love or would make multiple times.

Anyone have an idea, or is an ex-Noodles, or current Noodles, employee? Anyone have any really good tips or seasoning suggestions for chicken breasts?

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