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7/5/12 9:29 A

Oh thank you so much, good call with the food scale, it never entered my mind, but I have been mindful of my portions. Its better when I dont let myself get too hungry. I always have about 3 fruits in a day between meals, that way when I get home I dont overeat. To answer the questions, yes I track what I eat and yes I filled out the spark nutrition profile

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7/5/12 9:18 A

Yes, I am tracking what I eat and I am within the range that Sparkpeople set for me. I have not started on weight lifting, I dont have the resources, and there is no gym where I stay unfortunately because its a rural village. with the daily commute there is no time for me to try the gyms in town as I have no car.

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7/5/12 9:13 A


Have you been tracking your food ? If not, you might try logging your meals. While you may be eating better, your portions may still be higher than they should be if you want to lose weight. Did you fill out the spark nutrition profile ? If not, fill out the profile and let the software set a calorie range for you. Then, you do your best to stay within that range. Don't go too far above or too far below. staying within that range can help you to lose weight.

Also, do you have a food scale ? If not, that's something you might consider buying to help you learn portion control. I know that when I started losing, I had no idea that my portion sizes were out of whack. So, you might try using a food scale to help get your portions in line. Most people really don't realize how much food they eat.

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7/5/12 8:41 A


Are you tracking your nutrition? Are you eating within the calorie range SparkPeople has set for you based on your data? Are you exrecising at a heart rate between 60-85% of your max heart rate? Are you lifting a weight heavy enough to promote muscle growth?

Coach Nancy

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7/5/12 5:48 A

Thank you Sandee, I will try and mix it up more, infact last weekend I started taebo, I could only manage to do 20 minutes though but I will keep it up.

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7/5/12 4:54 A

Hi! Dont give up! You can do it:) I see that you are doing the same thing every day for three frequently have to change up your exercise routine. I am doing Slim in 6 by Beach body and love it bc the routine and intensity and time increases every two weeks.

Take body not rely on the scale. It is only one way to track your health. I had only lost 1 pound, but when measured...I had lost various inches in various parts of my body.

One woman told me she was working with a personal trainer and only got weight once every three months bc the scale was discouraging to her.She said that with not thinking about the scale...she focused on being active and making healthy choices. I do not like the scale and am going to weigh in once a month and get body measurements.

Keep at it and don't give up!

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7/5/12 4:45 A

Hi all, I need help, for the last three months I have been walking for an hour a day, i do strength training exercises 2-3 days a week. I am drinking water, eating more fruits, more vegetables, i am watching my portions, but still no weight loss. my co workers and my family have noticed that I have lost weight but the scale is refusing to budge. why? I also think my face looks a little smaller as well as my waist, but i might not be the best judge. Help my motivation is taking a little knock.

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