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For what it's worth, I use agave liquid. Of course it is still sugar but it is not white refined sugar. In the evening I might use honey in some chamomile tea to relax since honey has a natural sedative. So, I'll use agave in the daytime. Seldom do I use both in the same day since that would accumulate too many sugars for me.
Occasionally to get away from both of them I'll use real maple syrup on my oatmeal. But again, that breaks down in your body as sugar.
I don' t use artificial sweeteners either. If they sneak into my diet, it's unknowingly or out of desperation.
I've been known to use a bit of brown sugar on my oatmeal, but I can cut back if I add a little nutmeg. It tends to sweeten it or at least heighten the sweetness.
Sugars are in everything though.
Cinnamon will help to heighten sweetness sometimes. Use it sparingly as it can make things bitter. Organic cinnamon doesnt' seem to have the bitterness like McCormicks or other brands.
I hope this helps.

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Your doctor must know something unknown to the rest of the medical world. Sounds like their opinion. Ask another doctor and read online and form your own opinion.


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3/8/12 9:36 P

sometimes I use local honey

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My doctor warned me that there are no safe artificial sweeteners! I'm not diabetic, but many people in my family are. I am careful how much sugar I use. Any hints as to how to keep sugar consumption down without using artificial sweeteners?

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