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11/10/10 9:59 A

I assume they are shirataki noodles (made from yam root).

They need to be washed before use, and boiling helps too, drain that liquid before adding them to a recipe. I think the ones with tofu are probably okay without boiling.

I used them in stir fries. A large package of those noodles, or a small one and some regular noodles, and a PILE of veggies, make up a good 4 servings worth easily. Quite nice.

I think they are nice because I can eat more bulk with my meal. All those calories that aren't in my noodles are replaced by other things haha.

LINDAW64 Posts: 945
11/7/10 12:42 P

The noodles come packaged in a liquid, you have to rinse very well.If you dont you get a weird flavor.

ALECIA0823 Posts: 446
11/4/10 1:27 P

If you don't like the noodles, chances are you won't find many recipes with them that you like either.

One thing, though, do they come dry, or fresh, or already cooked? If they come dry, you could try using them that way, as something crunchy, or not cooking them thoroughly. That might help with the texture element.

LINDAW64 Posts: 945
11/3/10 11:30 P

Hungry Girl web site has recipes, that sound good, but I didnt like those noodles

11/3/10 10:55 A

Thanks, however I have already been on the Web site, which is why I came and asked here. Considering that they laud the nooodles as "delicious" they aren't exactly promoting additional ways to make the noodles themselves palatable.

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10/29/10 1:03 P

This website has some recipes that look pretty tasty

10/29/10 12:37 P

Has anyone tried the new "No'oodles" no-calorie noodles? And if you have, have you found a way to cook with them so that they don't ruin the meal you are eating them with?

It's weird, but the whole no-flavor thing combined with the squishiness is really wiggy for me...

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