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9/28/12 3:11 P

The trouble with me is I eat a extra meal at nite when my husband goes to work!

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9/28/12 1:33 P

What's wrong with eating at night, especially if that's when you're awake? Did you read or hear from somewhere that eating at night is bad? If you're sleeping during the day, you're not eating then, right? As long as you're staying within your calorie range, the time of day you eat makes NO difference. I usually eat a big dinner anytime between 8 and 10pm, and go to bed at 11, and it hasn't hurt me at all. It's what works for me. That's what it's all about, is finding what works for you, not what some "rules" say.

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9/28/12 1:26 P

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

9/28/12 9:10 A

I have always been a "night person", working at night and sleeping during the day. for the last several years since I have nott been working I still sleep during the day and am up during the night. My challenge now is to learn not to eat at night. I have tried all of the usual things..setting my alarm and scheduling activities during the day. Decreasing my fluid intake so I don't have to get up and go potty, setting a scheduled bedtime, etc. I will try changing the times I eat so I don't eat without thinking. We'll see...

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