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AHENRY30 Posts: 1,011
5/11/11 10:59 A

My toddler son has recently had night terrors a couple times. He has put himself back to sleep with some of them, but twice needed to come sleep with me to feel better. He tells me that he had a bad dream and that he was scared and once he said he was scared that I was gone. At this point I'm not worried about it as I know it's something that many kids go through and usually outgrow.

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5/11/11 7:36 A

This happened to my son when he was a bit older. Eyes open.....fingers and toes curled. It was scarey!!! He only did it about 5 times and grew out of it. Funny thing was....the next day he didnt even remember!!!

1THINBSW Posts: 158
5/10/11 5:24 P

My son had night terrors...That wasn't fun, but he did grow out of it fairly quickly. It seems he would settle back to sleep quicker if we didn't try to wake him...just comforted him back to sleep.

Now, at 6, he has hallucinations when he gets the least bit of a fever. That's a little over the top.....sleep walking, talking, and seeing things that aren't there in the middle of the night. Went to the ER one night...of course he had woken up on the ride, but The ER doc said it was fairly normal and his daughter did it when she was little too. Same thing about not waking him though. He gets much more agitated if we try to wake him.

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4/30/11 3:24 A

My 22 month old has done it often through her life. It is a little more dramatic for the last few months (cries longer and she wiggles more). Just earlier she woke up and I went in there when I heard a banging against her crib. I usually let her calm herself down (last between 1 to 5 mins depending on sever it is). Any longer, I pick her up, offer milk and will hold her dancing to the music. Sometimes all she wants is to see me and she will rub her eyes forever before she turns on her side to go back to sleep.

Lilly is my first one too. I didn't know how to handle it til I figurd it out naturally on what works best for her. Once in awhile sounds like someone is hurting her (I race to her to make sure nothing wrong), but mostly it is a low cry-mumble.

If she has many during the night, I have her lay down with me and I rub her legs. Sometimes growth pains can cause dis-rupted sleep as well. These are the days I take advantage of her naps for me to nap too.

LMBR72108 Posts: 242
4/21/11 9:24 P

i have 3 kids....6,4 and 4 months. i would say its night terrors. my 4 year old still does it, espeically when hes not feeling well. i just comfort them and put them back to sleep. sounds really weird but i have also noticed it more if they played really hard that day.

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4/18/11 3:06 P

ahhh poor baby. I hope you find out what is it. I hope your little girl sleeps in la la land tonight with peaceful dreams.

4/18/11 2:44 P

I had only nightmares until I was 12 when I was baptized. I would pray for her for the Lord to bless her and her sleep.

ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (0)
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4/15/11 2:08 P

Yes one my step children did this.. she grew out of it would wake up screaming but still be sleeping asking for daddy he would come running and say daddys here and she would stop. She grew out of it about two years. Didnt happen all the time once in awhile.

SINGLEMOM34 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/15/11 12:02 P

My 16 month old daughter has woken up around 4 AM twice this week crying hysterically and will only stay comforted if she's with me. This is brand new for us, but I'm a first time mom so everything's new! My family and friends are saying "Night terrors", but I don't really think its that severe.. Have you had experience with this?

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