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10/25/12 12:08 A

You have received a lot of great advice and all suggestions are worthy of a serious try. Night snacking is probably my most agregious fault. I find that a tsp of natural peanut butter really helps, or a half cup of frozen three berry medly does it as well.

Above all, TRACK, TRACK, TRACK. Nothing is more important in the long haul.


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10/24/12 7:13 P

Set some goals.

If you make it 2 nights a week with no night eating and PLAN snacks of protein fiber and swallowed down with a big ole glass of about 12 oz of water


stick to it and hold your self accountable darnit!!

you are worth it and dissappointment much easier to grow stronger and resist those can say "yeah I did better my health...and prove to my self the small stuff won't win your willpower will!"

a snack of turkey/apple usually calms my craving and these people all have great suggestions...sometimes it is just the thirst mechanism working and sometimes you just need to remove yourself from the 20 squats and drink some water still hungry? EAT something healthy of course..still hungry...good! it means your body is using the fat to energize itself and you are losing those fat calories!!

10/14/12 7:09 P

Some of the portable protein snacks I carry around (and I eat a mostly plant based diet) are string cheese and those little Baby Bels, little bags of almonds, and small servings of peanut or almond butter. I eat these snacks slowly with a big glass of water, sometimes some fruit or veg, too, and I'm nourished and full till my next meal.

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10/14/12 6:22 P

Thanks to everyone who posted-i will try all the advice on here!- I definitely dont think I eat enoug h protein- which alot of people are recommending- im a vegetarian but I struggle getting enough protein- I dont eat artificial sweetners- im allergic so thats not a problem- but when im at school- i barely eat or drink water and tend to eat quick unhealthy snacks- the stress of schools just takes over- but ill try to eat the leafy greens and track my food better- stress just seems to stop all my rational thinking about food- thanks again for all the advice!

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10/14/12 4:12 P

I had a similar problem and found boredom and the food network to be my problem. Once I stopped watching TV that showcased delicious foods, it cut down on my cravings. Also, I've now incorporated a cup of hot tea as apart of my evening ritual to give my stomach something to do. My over eating was completely psychological. I wasn't actually hungry. Just talked into it by Paula Dean. Could it just be that what you do in the evenings makes you think about food?

10/13/12 5:40 P

Sipping herb tea after dinner allows me to stop eating. I love the Bengal Spice flavor--no sweetener needed! I also go to bed earlier rather than snacking. This works great, too.

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10/13/12 1:31 P

I found that eating artificial sweeteners really give a sense of a strong, but false, appetite, leading me to overwhelming overeating. People should talk more about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10/13/12 12:23 P

Been there, done that. Here is what has helped me. Eat a lot of protein, and drink water.

It works. Also, get out of the routine, or kitchen. Go for a walk or just sit outside and get

some fresh air or listen to music. Relax! There are more alternatives to unwinding that eating.

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10/12/12 12:39 P


You don't have your food diary posted. As the other PP noted, if you're not eating enough during the day, that would explain why you feel ravenous at night. Are you eating enough ? Are you eating foods that are high in fiber ? Eating foods that have fiber will help you stay full for longer. that's because it takes our bodies longer to digest fiber. Ditto protein. When you have a meal, make sure you've got a bit of protein on your plate. Eating some protein can also help keep us full. But you do have to be careful how much protein you eat. try to get your protein from plant sources like beans or nuts. You can even get plenty of protein from dark leafy greens. Are you eating enough dark leafy greens ? If not, that too can help you feel full because they are loaded with fiber as well as protein. Most people don't know that. Dark leafy greens like spinach, kale, collards, swiss chard, etc... all have protein.

Are you drinking enough water ? Some times, hunger isn't really hunger, but thirst. Try having a big glass or two of water at night and see if that helps. If not and you're still hungry, have a piece or two of fruit. the natural sweetness of the fruit should help curb any cravings you have.

Just a few random thoughts... could you tell us a bit more about what you eat and how much you eat during the day ? That would give us more to work with.

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10/11/12 10:48 P

Oh yeah, night time eating is my worst problem!!!
What works - eating regular healthy meals and planning snacks like three snacks or four. Plan for a fruit snack or high fiber bar later in the evening, maybe. Also tea and gum and brushing teeth after the last meal is helpful.

When you get hungry at night - go track your food for the day and see if you are already over or have anything to work with. It is probably not much so if you choose wisely you won't go over too badly. Get online and do your sparking in the evenings rather than eating.. and if you have to eat due to hunger, get something HEALTHY.. and like 200-300 cal. is going to be much better than 1000 cal. binge.

You can do it!

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10/11/12 10:16 P

Hi - Do you use your Nutrition Tracker? I went to have a peek to see what was going on but it isn't available to us. I would suggest that if you aren't already, use your Nutrition Tracker because you will be able to tweak your intake based on knowledge rather than guesswork. it easier to identify where your problem is. Many of us have also found that it helps to keep us from reaching for food when food isn't needed. I know that for me it is what helped to keep me focused, which in turn has allowed me to reach my goal! There are a number of things that it COULD be, singly, or in combinations.

It MAY be that you aren't eating enough. A lot of people tend to UNDER eat, thinking that this is beneficial. Unfortunately it sets us up for a variety of problems - hunger, and nutrient deprivation.

It MAY be that you aren't eating enough protein or fibre, or healthy fats. Each of these help with satiety - obviously you don't want to go silly with the fats, but do remember that they are important.

It MAY be that you are eating a high processed food diet, but still eat fairly low calories.

Do you eat breakfast? If you do, what sort of breakfast do you have? If you eat a good, wholesome breakfast a lot of the problems can be alleviated during the day.

Do you eat ALL of your meals? ....Including some good protein in each meal? Do you also incorporate some healthy snacks into your diet?

Do you suffer from boredom? This can be a big problem for a lot of people. A remedy is to find things that you enjoy (apart from eating) - something that will take your mind off food.

I hope that somewhere in there is food for thought!

Take care,

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10/11/12 9:02 P

So I need advice- I eat super good all morning/ afternoon- but when I get home- i start to eat...and eat.....and eat...the later it gets the more i eat, how do i Stop?! I know its bad I know its gana mess up all my work- but I just keep going.....please share if you have had this problem and found a solution, it would really help :) thanks!

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