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2/15/13 12:24 A

I'm sorry to hear that you have to be apart from your love. Must be very difficult! Maybe what you could do is send love letters to each other. I'm talking about then pen and paper type. It might be a nice surprise for him.

You could even go to places you want to show him, like your favorite park,coffee joint or restaurant, for example, and take pictures of them. Send them along with the letter telling him that you can't wait to show him this because ____. Or maybe a picture of where you want to go on a date, or hold his hand, etc.

Ask him to send some back of something he has been chatting about!
Hope everything works out for you! 2 months will fly!

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10/14/12 9:55 A

Me an my husband got married in March 2012 in my country (India) and then we stayed 2 month together. Now I am in US and he is in India since 4 month. Everything was fine when I came here but slowly things started to change. We were taking everyday but now we talk every other day or after 2 days. We meet each other online every 15 days and talk for hour or two or sometimes three. Now I have find out that we don't have much to talk. We still get hour of talk when we talk but other then that we don't have much to talk. I feel like my marriage life is going down. I know it will pick up when he will be back but till then what?? We still have to stay 2 month more before he can join me in the US.

Is there any advise for keeping relation in good condition while we are away.

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