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4/27/11 8:21 P

You may not have lost any weight quickly, but eating healthy and exercising will pay off in being a healthier person.

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4/13/11 11:25 P

Hi, welcome! I too am new to spark people. Joined last week. I'm 54 and also have had a hard time losing weight. Since joining SparkPeople I have decided to up my workouts to a consistent 5 days a week and not be a slave to the scale. Don't get discouraged if the scale isn't doing much. I have been strength training for some time and I am seeing definition even if I'm not seeing a big weight loss. Even though I am over weight, my cholesterol is good, I have low blood pressure and generally pretty healthy. I have to believe that all this exercise is doing some good. Keep up the good work and don't give up.

Newbie from CO

4/13/11 11:19 P

A few days won't show any results on the scale but it is a great way to change habits that will get those numbers going down. And you're right - it's hard! But, it's not impossible. Take it one day at a time and be patient but consistent. It works if you work it...

Best wishes!

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4/13/11 10:00 P

Hi, welcome to the message board. I am new here too and enjoying it and learning a lot! I log my foods and never realized how much sodium I was taking in until now. I also never realized how little water I drink in a days time. I hope you enjoy it here and use all the tools. I am from Texas and could use some rain...please send this way! Sharon

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4/13/11 9:52 P

Hello all,
I did a post at the intro site also. Anyway, I am 57 yo and not liking how I look. I decided I can't change my age, but I can change my weight. For a few days I have tracked my food and watched portions, ate lots of fruits/veggies. But the scale won't budge;( I do walk and am trying to do more. I do take a pill for low thyroid and according to doc, as far as losing weight I should be "normal." I don't believe it though because it's so hard.

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