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5/18/12 12:25 A

Today is my first day. I have 40 pounds to lose and just writing that kind of makes me want to eat something. The tracker says I can be done by October 6th but I am not sure why this will be different than any other of the zillions of attempts I've made to lose the weight. I have a 7 month old, but that's not an excuse - I had 30 pounds to lose before getting pregnant. Before that, I never struggled with weight or dieting. When I look at the sample menus I realize I am eating waaayyyy too much but I think that much of it is out of complete frustration. Well, I'll do my best.

My first goal is to get to bed at night rather than waste tons of time reading and other stupid things. I am sure that more sleep would help me feel better.

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5/11/12 3:41 P

Hi There!

Your life sounds alot like mine :( Minus the fact we are millions of miles apart lol (I live in Canada). I also am a STAH mom and my nusband is gone a lot and I don't drive. So I feel pretty isolated too, which just intensifies my feelings of lonliness and causes me to eat more. To be at a perfect weight I have about 75 pounds to lose and it feels so daunting. About three weeks ago I ate PERFECTLY. Tracked everything and lost seven pounds! THAN I fell of the wagon :( I ate loads and loads of garbage averaging 500 thousand calories a day of stress eating and to mask how aful I was feeling. I gained it all back.

But there is a two silver linings to this binge episode.

1) I am still here.
2) I still tracked every miserable thing I ate.

The others are right when I took that same step. Start with baby steps TRACK EVERYTHING. Work off of the momentum of each small success before you start visualizing these huge unattainable goals. Celebrate everything!

Like me, you sound depressed. I am wondering sometimes if I am suffering from post partum or I it is just situational but either way you sound depressed. Exercise, and healthy eating will lead to results that will elevate your mood. Trust me when I say I STRUTTED lol after finding out I lost seven pounds in a week!

PM if you ever want to talk about kids, goals, life or whatever! I know wat you are feeling all too well :)

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5/11/12 4:55 A

I'm with zrobs on this one. I get up between 4:30 and 5 to get in my workout before my kids get up and well all need to get out the door for the day. Does your gym not have a daycare? Can you workout at home during naps and bedtime? If he's 3, what about doing a preschool program 2-3 days a week for him, and you can workout then? Not having time is, as you said, just an excuse. I'm not meaning to be snarky or rude, but you can't make a change in your life until you're willing to drop the excuses. That's really what it took for me. I have 2 kids and work full time outside of my home. It's just a matter of finding the time, but, trust me, it's there.

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5/10/12 10:53 P

You make the time for yourself. I get up at 4 am every day so I can work out in peace.

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5/10/12 2:47 P

thanks Jen.. appreciate your time.
My cheeky monkey doesnt get off my back when I'm in the gym..he's always with me 24/7 and he is 3 yr old..and I'm still breastfeeding him.. it does tire me.. and gets me frustrated... and sometimes I even despise my motherhood.. I dont have any me-time.. maybe thats an excuse to not to go to gym..but I'm really done.. seriously..
hub travels quite frequently so it gets even more difficult at times.

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5/10/12 10:02 A

You can do this! Baby steps. Start by tracking your food. Swap unhealthy snacks for healthier ones. Swap caloric beverages for water or another low calorie beverage. Take walks with your kids. Add movement into your day and go from there. You CAN do this!

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5/10/12 9:03 A

Hi all..
I'm totally new here, Residing in Duabi, Indian by origin. Mother of a 3 yr old, about 100lbs overweight..even as I'm typing, Im thinking about food.. please dont judge me. emoticon
Wish I had some real good friends who can support me on a one on one basis..mail me, talk to me, encourage me, tell me not to quit...
I know I sound soo desperate but I'm reaching out..
Please help me reach my goal..I need help.

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