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12/19/12 6:41 P

I am not a morning person at'm the crazy girl that would rather work the midnight shift than work in the morning. I am finding that I am coming along though, it helps that I am forced to wake up at 8am every morning to get my daughter ready for school. I also, have a gym membership at Planet Fitness, after the new year I will be able to go there again...the holidays are so hectic right now, since I am the co-leader of girl scouts, my husband has asked me to make food for his christmas party at work, my daughter asked me to make food for her christmas party, and my grandma asked me to come over and help her get ready for christmas at her house this year...throw in all the other holiday obligations and us going out of town and I haven't figured out how I am going to do it all, but I daughter goes back to school on the 2nd and I will have time to actually get back into the grove of going to the the mean time...i am trying to do little exercises here at the house...but that becomes very difficult to keep the motivation to continue on...I will get there day at a time and just keep putting one foot in front of the other is what I tell myself these days.

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12/19/12 4:49 P

Welcome to SP!!! I´m also a newbie here emoticon I´m sure you´ll do a great job, from what I´ve seen this is the best group to be.

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12/19/12 3:46 P

It sounds like you are working hard on controlling your diet which they say is 70-80% of losing weight. Exercise, for all the hard work, is a small portion of that. I have one tip for you - find something fun and it won't feel like work.

I started an exercise regimen in February of this year, and I even started getting up earlier to get in the longer workouts. I am, in general, a morning person, but I never thought I would get up before 6am just to workout. It makes me feel so good that I keep at it.

I hope you find your soul-mate workout.


KATIENICOLE321 SparkPoints: (1,103)
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12/19/12 3:01 P

Thank you so very much...I am doing my best...but I fall backwards and find it very easy to when I have a husband and daughter who seem to be able to eat whatever they want...I have rough days and figure that the only way to stop myself from falling to hold myself accountable and to start in the right direction and focus on the here and now and work towards my main goal is to lose 10# every month. I am going to try my best and hope that SP will help me to stay on track and focused.


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12/19/12 2:29 P

Welcome to SparkPeople emoticon emoticon

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12/19/12 2:01 P

Wow! Sounds like you're making great changes already. Welcome to Spark People. It's a great place to be.

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12/19/12 12:05 P

I am Katie and am about to turn 30 in March. I live in Michigan, have a husband of almost 8 years (this Jan) and I have a 7.5 yr old daughter who is the light of my life. I have been trying to lose weight since the birth of my daughter, then somehow only managed to keep putting it on (don't worry I know how I did it...I love food and don't like to exercise). When I got married I was already 3 month preggo and weighed 200#..When I met my husband in 2004 I weighed 169#...In Jan of 2012 I weighed myself and was horrified...I ballooned up to 280#....Currently this year I have lost weight...29# to be exact...I am proud of myself, because I have made simple changes in my life. I drink water instead of pop, I eat more fruits and veggies, I cook with whole grain pasta and brown rice, I have been really trying to improve the way I eat. So my goal for 2013 is to get myself working out on top of this to keep the weight off and hopefully get down to my goal weight of 150#...I have 101# to go, but my real goal is to lose 10# a month...that is my true goal. Wish me luck and I hope that SP can help me along the way, with meeting people just like me, finding workouts, and recipes. If you want a friend feel free to add me!!! Katie

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