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5/2/12 12:20 A

I agree with the post below. I think Motorola makes a sweet heart rate moniter/mp3 player/GPS.

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5/1/12 8:07 P

They make arm bands for the ipods to keep them out of the way. As for the keys, I use to just put a single spare key laced up on the tongue of my shoes and then keep my normal keyring in my truck so all I had to do was untie my shoes to get in my was better than having the keys swinging as I ran. I sometimes would just run with the keys in my hand though also.

As for a good present, I would say a nice heart monitor like a Polar or something. Then he knows how hard he is pushing himself. When I first started running I thought where my max heart rate was ended up being at the low end of a good workout so that was a nice wake up.

SOUPTIN Posts: 743
5/1/12 10:59 A

hey guys, I posted this question on another board but also wanted guys opinions on the topic if you wouldnt mind offering your advice that is:

My FI has decided to start jogging/running to get in shape for our upcoming wedding. He is new to it and not exactly in "the best shape" (has about 50 extra pounds) but hey we all have to start somewhere right? he is doing the C25K program and loving it.

My question is this: His birthday is coming up and I would like to get him something running related to further encourage and foster his desire to keep running.

I am not a runner ( Im a gym go-er) so I have no idea what a new runner would find useful or helpful in terms of equipment.I also do not know what brands are quality and which is junk.

He has great new shoes and an ipod already.
He complained that he hates having his keys and ipod in his pocket because they "clink" and annoy him but I dont know what would solve this.
Anything you remember from when you were starting out that you wish you had to make it easier/better? something you now cant run without?
Im ok spending up to about $200
Thanks in advance

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