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KATAVERY Posts: 16
2/20/13 1:53 P

I am an volunteer event chair for the Relay For Life in my area. That is the big thing, the rest of it is the normal stuff like eating healthy, exercise, house work, etc.
Thank you all for your advice. I'm so used to having a schedule, and the hardest thing for me is learning that I can't really have one right now, especially with my daughter teething.

JMSA67 SparkPoints: (14,818)
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2/20/13 10:30 A

What all are you trying to "fit in"? Housework, exercise, work, time with baby...? I know it's hard. But, you don't have to fit everything in all the time. Just do what you can do, when you can do it.

YOGAMOMOF4 SparkPoints: (2,128)
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2/10/13 2:34 A

Another mama here who says you can't fit it all in . . . but you can learn to be okay with that, and to get done the things that REALLY matter, as well as identifying what can wait.

All four of my kids were the type who would only nap ON me. I learned that instead of being frustrated about all I wasn't accomplishing, I could be grateful for the time spent holding my little ones.

Someone once told me this: take a roll of toilet paper and count off a strip of approximately 90 squares and tear it off. Then count out a strip of two squares and tear it off. Lay the two strips side by side and compare the lengths. The long strip represents your life and the short strip represents the time that your child(ren) will be this young and in this intense-parenting stage. Enjoy these precious moments while you can, and when you feel frustrated, remember all the time you will have to get more done after this needy-baby period passes.

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2/7/13 4:21 P

I agree, you don't fit it all in, but you learn to cope and others learn to give you a bit of leeway. My daughter was a terrible napper, she would only nap on me. And now that I can get her to day sleep in her cot (that took a lot of work!) I got so much done when she goes down for a nap. I rush around like a blue ar$ed fly, then relax with a cuppa befre she gets up. Don't forget to ask for help x

BECKERW85 SparkPoints: (5,732)
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Posts: 29
2/6/13 9:51 P

My son is 2 years old and I'll tell you the hardest lesson I had to learn when my son was born... you will never ever fit it all on. You just have to come to terms with it. Its not the end of the world if the house isn't clean or the dishes aren't done. Cut what can be cut.
Currently I go to school full time and work and my husband works out of town mon - fri so I'm basically raising our son alone. My mil constantly tells me how amazed she is that I get it all done... fortunately she doesnt have to see the inside of my house daily, or how many piles of laundry I have when I finally getting around to doing it. But in all honesty, I dont sleep much either.
Just don't let yourself become overwhelmed. If you feel frazzled, youll get less done. Take a minute, calm down, breath, and get back at it. Push through. And most importantly take care of you. Its not selfish even if it feels that way. You have to be doing good or everything and everyone else around you isnt getting your best.
Good luck!!

BGILBERT36 SparkPoints: (151)
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Posts: 2
1/24/13 10:42 P

Congrats on the new baby!!!
I am a scheduler, with my babies and life! I got all three of my kids on a strict sleep schedule so I could have time for me stuff. That was sleeping, exercising, or my other house fit in some where. ;)
If you like schedules, start now! It will make all the difference. My kids are 7,6, and 3. They all go to bed on time and wake on time and eat at certain times. Other people are in shock when I tell them that, but I believe it's because I started them super early with the schedule.
Enjoy her though and don't stress too much, her baby time is ubber short. Have fun!!

1/24/13 3:10 P

Congratulations on your newborn!

I do not think it's possible to fit everything you want to do in a day--with or without kids. Prioritize life. At this point, just snuggle up with your baby and enjoy every minute. It goes so fast!

MOMMYTWO0416 Posts: 100
1/24/13 6:57 A

As a mother of 4, my advice is not to push it. I gained a lot of weight with my first one. I didn't really do anything to lose it. It took my almost 2 years to do something about it. By eating healthier and doing minimal exercising the weight just started coming off!
As soon as I started losing weight from my first child, I found out I was pregnant with my second child. I ate sensibly during my second pregnancy and didn't gain much weight. I started losing it about 9 weeks after my second son was born.
Then, when my second son was 4 months old I found out I was pregnant (while on birth control) with twins. I again ate sensibly and only gained 22 pounds with my last pregnancy. I started Spark soon after and the weight shed off.
The secret for me is tracking every single thing I consume. It puts into perspective your caloric intake and just how high that number can actually get! I exercise moderately, but am stepping it up now. Don't get discouraged and take your time! Good luck on your weight loss journey!! emoticon

BME_22 SparkPoints: (22,128)
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Posts: 897
1/23/13 12:20 P

Well, I guess I'm a little more optimistic than the PPs. My daughter was born 11 months ago, and since then I dropped the 50lbs I gained while pregnant, plus 15 more (all while breastfeeding).

I will say this, when I tried to add too much exercise, my weight loss stalled out. Only when I quit killing myself with P90X did I start losing weight again. So since May, I've been tracking my nutrition meticulously, and I found that sweet spot where I was losing weight but my breastmilk supply didn't suffer.

I know that's not how it goes for everyone, but it is possible. You just need to give yourself time. It took you nine months to put the weight on, you need to give yourself at least that much time to get back to "you".

Good luck, and congratulations on your little one!

WDWCHICK Posts: 899
1/21/13 10:36 P

Don't even try! I wanted to say it's "impossible" but I know nothing is "impossible". But, it's extremely hard. Your body is still recovering. I know it took me a long to time to get into the swing of things when I had my kids. Then it was time to return to work, and figure it out all over again. ;)

Things will come together, I promise, just give yourself time. Things will fall in place.

JUKICZR SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 4
1/21/13 2:40 A

I know you may not want to hear this ( I know I didn't), but take it easy and don't push it too soon. I did that with both of my boys (they are now 3 and 15 months).

For the past 3 years I've either been pregnant or nursing. I tried so hard to lose weight after my oldest while nursing and managed to drop all the weight I gained in pregnancy plus about 10 or so extra pounds. But I just couldn't seem to keep it off...

then when he was 12 months old I got pregnant again and only gained about 17 pounds. After baby #2 it was sooooo muuuuuch haaaaaarder to take it off. I was nursing and doing 30 Day Shred...and limiting calories (I did add in extra for nursing)...I did lose some weight, but again - I fought for every single pound...and stressed myself out.

Now - I am no longer nursing, kids are sleeping better, I am taking my vitamins like I should - and feeling better overall. And the weight is melting off quite rapidly.

I think it's a matter of timing. As new moms, we are anxious to have our old bodies back. WE've been stretched and morphed into shapes we never imagined were possible. :) But, just remember, it WILL happen, but don't try to force it too soon. You'll stress yourself out too much. Enjoy your baby - they grow way too fast.

When baby is about a year old and sleeping through the night and your starting to feel like your old self again - and if your not nursing (because, believe it or not, this doesn't help with weight loss very well - while your nursing your body hangs on to fat and nutrients to share with your baby - so you're fighting a losing battle on this one - I learned that the hard way!) - then give it a go. :)

I hope this helps. I've been where you are. I know it's not easy. But it will get better, I promise!

MRSALLYP SparkPoints: (0)
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1/21/13 12:30 A

with a baby that young it is hard to fit things in to a schedule, just keep in mind that too many changes to diet and/or excercise can effect the baby if you are nursing and make sure you have had the ok with your doctor. As a mom of 2 I commend you for wanting to get back into things right after but also make sure you take your time as it can be hard with a very little one!

Good luck to you!!

KATAVERY Posts: 16
1/21/13 12:20 A

Hey all!
I am a new mom, my baby girl is 7 weeks old, and I have no idea how to fit everything in. Any tips?

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