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1/23/12 11:31 P

He's already lucky to have you. ;)

April 1st will be our very fitting wedding day. I went dress shopping over the weekend and bought a couple of size 14 dresses! WOW I used to be 279 and at 5'1" that was a size 28. Now mind you these are not traditional wedding dresses which, for reasons unknown to me, they size SUPER small. I am still losing weight so it will be nice to either have to have my dress taken in or to find one in a smaller size.

Best of luck to all of us April brides to be!

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1/23/12 9:54 P

Hey Yall!!!

I am getting married on April 14, 2012 too!!!!

I was really hoping to be able to have lost at least 40 pounds by the wedding, but I don't think it will happen now. So now, my goal is to be down to 140 pounds by Christmas and be able to go home to Wisconsin and have everyone think I look AMAZING and to have my now-fiance say that he is lucky to have ME as his wife!!!

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1/3/12 6:19 P


I'm getting married on April 7th too!

3 months to lose 12lbs! I need to tone up big time!

The thing is... I love food, can't stop thinking about food :S especially now that I'm trying to diet. I need motivation as well. I love my unhealthy food as much as my healthy food, but healthy food such as fruit/salad just does not fill me up :( Eeek. Motivation needed :|

Exercising is limited to walking, sit-ups, squats, hula-hoop and skipping. Not much of that because of work 7.15am - 4.30pm and uni work :(.

Hope you're all a bit more successful than me!

Any motivation/healthy recipes/advice would be greatly appreciated. emoticon

MCCU2TIF Posts: 9
1/3/12 3:16 A

HI all!! I'm new here as well, first post actually. But I too am getting married in April! I'm hoping to be down 20 pounds by then :) :) so we will see :) :) :) This site is defiantly motivational especially seeing that other people are going thru the same things that I am, and are able to over come them is really great!!!!!! Good luck everyone!

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11/27/11 2:12 P

Hello, I am getting married on April 7, 2012 and would like to loose at least 10 lbs by April 1, 2012. So far, I have lost 3lbs since September. I started running and was able to complete my first 5k on Thanksgiving. Good luck to all of you on your weight loss goals and upcoming weddings.

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11/9/11 10:06 A

i would like to loose 40 or so by the wedding which is about half way to my goal weight , we are having fingerfoods at the wedding (our wedding is at 7PM)i think my wedding day & the next day will be free days i can return to my sparkpeople plan on Monday ...LOL


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11/1/11 9:26 P

Yes, we do have similar weight loss goals! Are you going to try to reach your goal weight by the wedding? I'm not really looking to be at my goal by then, but if I can drop another 30 by then, that would be wonderful. I would be nearly out of the 'overweight' category. Are you planning on trying to 'be good' food-wise for your reception?

MOLLYSARAN Posts: 1,064
11/1/11 12:15 P

I'm getting married in April 2012 also (the 14th) & have similar weight loss goals ..LOL
Just keep focused & i know you can do it !!!! :)

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10/21/11 11:10 P

Hi everyone -
I'm just saying hi. I'm a new member looking for inspiration and continued motivation. I'm getting married 6 months from today. Wow! I'm wearing an old dress that I have (actually a Bride's maid dress for my cousin's wedding) that would make a great simple wedding dress (we're not much into the whole white wedding thing). But I need to lose another 25 pounds to fit into the dress. Then at least another 25 pounds to get to a good weight.

Hey, maybe I'll lose more than the 25 pounds by April! Then I'd have to actually buy a dress. Well, I think I can justify that expense as a reward if that happens!

Anyway, nice to be here and read all your stories!

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