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3/23/12 9:59 A

This next month I am going to be challenging myself to do what Spark is all about! Learning to make one small change and continue on but I'm going to put a twist on it! I'm starting this challenge for myself b/c I need to start somewhere and it may seem silly to hear some of my challenges but these are things I used to do and made myself happy that I've neglected to do!
Each week I'm going to pick a new small challenge and continue it everyday for one full week! The next week I'll continue on with that weeks challenge and add another small challenge that I will do for another week and etc. By the end of April I will have 5 new healthier routines!
They can be very simple challenges that don't have to do with dieting, changing what you eat or exercise but everyday things. You could choose to stop cussing for a week, stop being negative for a week, or start tanning for a week, start a new night time bed routine, start complimenting someone everyday for a week! Of course you can always make it something like start drinking a glass of water everyday if drinking one glass is hard for you, you could start parking further away from your office and walking farther. You could take mini breaks during the day to find a private spot and do 40 jumping jacks, 30 squats, 20 crunches and 10 push ups to burn 100 calories!
So, this week I am going to start having a protein shake at least once a day! I'll get in my protein and fruits and feel better about myself! I use chocolate protein powder, one cup of fat free milk, strawberries, a small banana and ice! Only 270 calories and a great breakfast I will be posting a blog on my page, maybe daily to update on my challenge and then start a new blog for the next week! A record of my accomplishments!
If you want to take this challenge with me let me know on my page and post a blog on your page on what you will be choosing for your challenge that week and either update daily or just at the end of the week! Then start again the next week with a new blog! I'd like to help motivate you so please stop by my page and let me know if you are doing this so I can visit your page and let you know how awesome you are! Hopefully I'll have some people do this with me and get some support myself!

Good luck!

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