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6/4/12 9:15 P

THANK YOU EVERYONE for setting me on track! I sincerely appreciate all of these explanations & I feel much better today because I ate more than 1500 calories!!! emoticon


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6/4/12 7:07 P

The calories 'assigned' are in part based on the speed you wanted to lose the weight. If you indicated a fairly quick time, then the calories will be lower, but if you have indicated just plodding along, it will 'assign' you a wee bit higher range. It might be better if you go back to start and reset everything and see what comes up. You can always change it if you don't like what you see - LOL!

BTW - my Dietitian told me that in NZ they don't suggest someone be on LESS than 1400 calories for very long UNLESS supervised by a qualified Dietitian or a Dr who has extra certification in Nutrition (not all Dr's do!). Her reason was that it is easy to miss out on important nutrients. SP recommends not under 1200 calories for the same reason.


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6/4/12 3:14 P

For "eye-full" (vs. tummy full) I actually eat tons of salads. Lettuce has like 1 calorie per truck load or something. It makes me feel as if my 1200 cals is going farther.

For the actual "not feeling ful" you have to start making even more careful choices, which of course makes your sweet tooth rage harder. I eat lean chicken and fish more often than beef now (and i love my beef) cause it's lower calories since it's lower fat. I almost never eat butter anymore, again though i love it, for that reason.

And "banking" a bit (stay near the 1200 for 2 or 3 days) helps me get in quality deserts 1 or 2 times a week, but it means leaving out the gratuitious 'low fat" or so-called healthy/lowe cal snacks that don't taste all that good anyhow.

It is much harder, cause basically, it's one snack less.

(PS, if you can, you can add more exercise. 1/2 hour a day more, should buy you back that 200 cals. I really am not able to do that yet, but i'm hopeful!)

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6/4/12 3:09 P

You don't adjust nutrition, the other two take care of that.

If adjusting your fitness goals didn't up the range back to something comfortable, then you'll need to change the goal date and put that further out. The further out you put it, the higher your range goes. Experiment.

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6/4/12 2:45 P

Though you can, I don't think you need to adjust your nutrition goals directly.

If you adjust your weight loss and/or fitness goals - it will can change your nutrition range. Such as if you are currently set to lose 20 pounds in 10 weeks, you can change your goal date to be further out. Aiming to lose less per week would mean you can eat in a higher range.

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6/4/12 2:31 P

I went into my fitness settings and adjusted my calories burned each week from 1550 to 2000. I went into my nutrition settings and I couldn't figure out what to adjust? Should I adjust the date by which I want to lose my remaining 10 lbs? It has my current weight, starting weight, and goal weight, as well as my height correct.

Thanks. I am feeling technologically challenged at the moment & kind of frustrated with myself.....

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6/4/12 2:20 P

Congrats on the weight loss. I went too low on calories for awhile and stalled. Good luck!

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6/4/12 2:03 P

Thank you Kris & Deb for your ideas & suggestions ---
I may have misread, but when I entered my 1 lb. weight loss under the weight tracker last week a message popped up saying congrats on losing 10 lbs. and it said something about making sure your weight loss goal reflects this new weight. I'll have to re-trace my steps on what I did, but apparently I messed something up. Also, 2 weeks ago I had a minor surgery on my leg so for the past 2 weeks my workouts have been less intense. I went into the fitness goals and adjusted the number of calories I thought I'd burn for those 2 weeks. These 2 things are probably the reason why the calorie range went down.

My bubble wasn't burst by your explanation of how many calories I ought to be eating. emoticon I'm actually relieved and want to fix some of my errors because my goal is to be healthier and thinner, not just temporary excitement over a 10-lb weight loss. The reason I posted to this message board was because I was feeling overly hungry at this new calorie range. But when I was eating between 1500 - 1700 cal/day it felt like I had plenty to eat. I like what Kris pointed out about the fact that I was losing weight so I could probably keep consuming about 1600 cal/day. (Just as a side note, I lost almost 5 lbs. the very first week after I joined this site. This was the 1st time in my life I've ever counted calories and after entering all my info. into the site I realized just how much I had been over-eating! That may have been unhealthy, but I just want to throw that out there. Since the first week, I have lost either 1 or 0 pounds each week.)

I also appreciate the suggestion about allowing myself to eat without weighing everything one day every week or so. I tend to be a perfectionist and I don't want to be too rigid. I also don't want my kids to see me weighing every little thing I eat and send them an unhealthy message.

Okay, so I am going to try to fix my technical errors in the weight loss goal area and re-enter my fitness goals now that I am able to return to my normal routine. So, in the future when I lose weight, should I just let the program adjust itself?


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6/4/12 6:26 A

I weigh all of my food, too, because that is the only way to be accurate. I had been on a 1400 cal diet (as/Dietitian 'prescription') and found initially that I was really hungry, and I had only dropped from a 1650-1850 cal intake that I had mostly been consuming for years. Anyway when I dropped, bang, just like that, I was very hungry, often waking in the middle of the night, and feeling nauseous and light-headed. What I did was go back up to what I was consuming, and then dropping down in very small increments - 50 calories at a time - and allowing my body to get used to the drop before decreasing again. I also had to pay more attention to the pie chart. My Protein and Fats had been a little on the low side, so I had to increase both of them a little. Protein and Fats are both helpful for satiety. Where it comes to having fluids to fill you up, that only really works if you have something like soup, but pureeing it up. It takes longer to digest. Having it in the 'chunky' fashion isn't so good. I remember watching a science program on TV a few years ago, and they did some experiments using quite a few people - 1/2 with the pureed form of soup and the other 1/2 with the other sort.

I am wondering why your calorie range dropped so dramatically. Are you doing a lot less exercise than you had put into your setup? It shouldn't drop like that for that kind of weight-loss!

The other thing I will suggest is that considering you don't have heaps of weight to loose, why not stay around 1600 calories - you were already LOSING weight - your metabolism doesn't need a kick-start and most people can actually lose weight quite comfortably on that, in fact my Dietitian told me that they often put someone on 1800 calories to lose weight!!! The reason I was put on 1400 cal's was to kick-start the metabolism. Now that I have reached my goal I have discovered that I can eat on average up to 1625 cal's then the weight starts to creep up.

I also suggest that rather than being rigid, allow yourself one day per every two weeks to eat whatever you want. It may seem strange, but it works. At the moment you are focusing on weight-loss, and no doubt restricting yourself. In time boredom or the feeling of deprivation will creep in, and that is where you run the risk of falling off the wagon for good! I practice what I preach, and have lost a considerable amount of weight, so know that it DOES work!!


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6/4/12 2:05 A

At your weight you should not be on that range. The original 1500+ was more realistic.

It doesn't go down "because of the weight loss". So that's not it - what else have you touched or changed? Did you touch the weight goals or fitness goals pages?

If you, at your size, get a range that low, your weight loss goal is set up for too close a goal date. You should not be that low as you're pretty close to a healthy weight and weight loss would naturally be very slow.

Eg you might be aiming for 10lbs in 5 weeks, which isn't normally feasible at your size. While you did just lose about that in about that time, I would consider that too rapid at your weight, and an indication of a problem to be fixed, not a celebration of a good weight loss success.

Sorry if that kind of bursts your bubble. I'm not saying you necessarily did anything bad, but if I had a PT client of your size losing that quickly, I'd VERY strongly encourage them to find out what is wrong and fix it for slower weight loss for the sake of their health.

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6/3/12 11:06 P

I completely agree. Smaller meals, and foods that contain more water and fiber (veggies will fill you up without a lot of calories). Protein is great for satiating your hunger; sometimes if you up your protein intake by a lot in a short period of time you might upset your stomach, but slowly increase your protein and see how you feel. If you're anything like me, then you might notice that there's a certain time of the day when you get hungry... so you might want to save up some calories so you have more food around that time. I used to get hungry around 6pm, so I'd always have a light lunch and save some extra calories so that I could have a bigger dinner.

Eventually you'll get to have more calories, so this shouldn't be a permanent adjustment.

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6/3/12 10:40 P

Thanks, Ellen! I will check out some of your meal plans --- if I can figure out how to do it. emoticon You have been very successful in your weight loss goals! Way to go! I think that eating more small meals is a great idea for me.


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6/3/12 9:59 P

I'm eating within the same calorie range as you and I have found it helps to eat 2-3 snacks per day to keep my hunger cravings satisfied. I also eat a fairly high protein diet and that has been a huge help. The only downside is that my body is used to eating every 3 hours or so, and if for some reason I am unable to eat within that time frame I get almost uncontrollably hungry! Fortunately I've been pretty good about planning ahead and bringing snacks with me wherever I go. You are welcome to check out some of my meals if you are interested, I have been tracking them (for the most part) and you may get some new ideas.

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6/3/12 9:50 P

I lost 10 lbs. in the past 5 1/2 weeks and I feel so much better about myself and proud that I have found a way to actually lose weight. Having said that, my calorie range also decreased because of the weight loss --- not significantly --- but enough to be noticeable (1200 - 1550 instead of 1500 - 1700). I have to more carefully select foods so that I can meet the calorie goals without going over. I am finding that I am hungrier and I'm fighting more times when I'd like to eat but don't want to sabotage my efforts. I have also craved sweets a bit more lately and find that I want to "save up" some calories each day so that I can eat a sweet thing (like a cookie or some chocolate chips). Also, I am weighing my food pretty meticulously. In a strange sort of way, it has been fun to know exactly what I'm putting into my mouth, but I am realizing that this amount of weighing portions may not be sustainable.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome! I appreciate when I can learn from others who have been successful in meeting their goals. emoticon


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