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5/25/12 8:07 P

It is hard at times, I am a leader of a team called Baby Weight Buh Bye... you can join through my page. There are lots of ladies in the same boat. I always say one day at a time. I also have some links for baby and mom exercise and stroller exercises. Stop by the team and do join.

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5/24/12 11:00 P

No matter what comes at ya, just keep it up and keep the faith.

5/24/12 6:07 P

Keep your chin up. Stay focused on your goal. Be positive. Let yesterday's struggles stay in the past and focus only on the present moment. NEVER GIVE UP!


5/24/12 11:58 A

Need to take control of my life.

I have a 7-month-old baby boy who is the absolute light of my life, but any parent knows the struggles that come with having a little one. Add to that the fact that I'm doing that (mostly) on my own because I'm also going through a divorce. I say mostly because I have amazing parents who live nearby and have been great with helping me out where I need it.

So, with all of these life stressers, my weight/health have pretty much gone out the window. Time for a change and to take control of my life!

Anyone else struggling with stresses like these? Any advice, motivation, etc?

I'll be getting my first shipment of the Biggest Loser meal plan from eDiets today and will start on that tomorrow. I've read very mixed reviews of it but am hoping its good enough that I can stick with it to at least get a good 30 pounds off. My goal is to lose a total of 50-60 pounds. Here we go!

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