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BECKYB888 SparkPoints: (54)
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6/5/12 11:25 P

Hi Jeanine. I'm here for moral support if you need it. Feel free to friend me on here.

HAPPYNEEN SparkPoints: (0)
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6/5/12 7:55 P

Thanks for the encouragement and tips!

HIKETOHEIGHTS SparkPoints: (121,416)
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6/5/12 11:27 A

Welcome to, You will find this will be way more than a weight loss journey. This will be your path to a healthier and happier you! Here are My tips to YOU: I suggest you log in everyday. Acquaint yourself with the tools because they are key in helping you form healthy eating and activity habits. I love the articles and they have helped me more than I could ever say.

Have a blast making your page as it is your fingerprint. Change it up & make it your own. Most of us use it as a form of expression and a major source of motivation for ourselves and others.

Definitely use the Nutrition tracker it is demonstrative in forming healthy eating habits. Be sure to run a report it will give you valuable information to make choices in the future. Don't cheat yourself out of this vital information and the behavior modifying effect it will have on your eating. THE NUTRITION TRACKER REPORT IS VERY POWERFUL STUFF DON'T UNDERESTIMATE IT! Should you ever need support or have any questions, speak up we have more than our share of people who can help you.

Personally, has had a very powerful influence on my eating habits. The improvement is profound and significant primarily because of the articles and nutrition tracker. I am a fitness tracker fan also.

Enjoy your journey and getting healthier each time you Spark, HiketoHeights

LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
6/5/12 9:15 A

Welcome to SP! Best wishes to you.

RG_DFW SparkPoints: (145,817)
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Posts: 9,872
6/5/12 7:46 A

emoticon Welcome to SparkPeople!

MIPALADY23 Posts: 1,191
6/5/12 7:42 A

Baby steps and small victory's add up to SWEET SUCCESS.

Start tiny, use a pedometer, it's been a huge help to me. Find ways to increase your steps. USE every tool you have and all the helps here on the site including people.

Celebrate your victory's and acknowlege the bumps in the road but then move back on to the goals. Goals aren't set in stone...adjust, re-evaluate, determine what you are immediately capable of doing or changing and then always think about adjusting, re-evaluating and setting new challenges. I think people start out very hard and with the giant goals which isn't a great way to set yourself up for SWEET SUCCESS!

Start small, celebrate often!

You can do it!
¸ .• ♥ ´¸.•*♥´¨)
(¸.•♥´ (¸ ;.•♥ Kelly ♥•¸ .
emoticon emoticon

Sweet Success!! Goals & Planning are everything!
Don’t be a gingerbread woman, be a ROCKSTAR!

RFJSJ50 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (56,458)
Posts: 10,602
6/5/12 12:51 A

emoticon Welcome to Spark. You have taken an important step on your journey by joining!
I've been a member a little more than two years. I made fantastic progress and lost 100 pounds in the first year BUT I became careless about nutrition and exercise and have gained a lot of the pounds back! I became disgusted with myself and closed my Spark account, but soon realized I NEEDED to be here. I'm back using the nutrition and exercise trackers now - they are so important. The sense of community and the friendships I have made here keep me going!
You might want to check out the Buddy Support Group (BSG) challenges done by the Aspire & Inspire Team. People participating are placed in small (usually 5-7) teams with their own chat room. One of the challenge items is to visit the chat every day to offer and receive support, encouragement, motivation, advice, and friendship. The challenges run weekly and can be joined at any time. We are tracking and earning team points for exercise/physical activity minutes, ounces of water we drink, staying within our calorie range, and interacting with BSG members this month. I've found these challenges help me stay accountable and on track most of the time.
Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.
Good luck!

HAPPYNEEN SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,745)
Posts: 63
6/5/12 12:45 A

Evening everyone. I'm Jeannine ... I thought I would jump online and post for the first time in the public forum! I joined Spark a few month ago with a friend. We've been each other's support and hold each other accountable. It's great. Unfortunately she is headed on a trip overseas and won't be available for the next six weeks. I'm looking to find a like minded person to connect with and help support me in my weight loss journey. I tried a few Spark Teams but they weren't active. Need to keep searching. Anyway ... here's my basic info. I'm a SAHM to two kids (8 & 5) ... been exercising and eating right for almost two months (lost 30 pounds). I've got at least 70 more to go! I'm positive, sarcastic and understanding. Wow, this sounds like a personal ad. Looking for like minded who understands the need for spell check and would never type an email with their caps lock on. emoticon

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