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8/29/12 12:54 P

My son is the SAME way!!!! It's not as unusual a sensitivity as people think it is. Red #40 in particular but all artificial colorings have been linked to behavioral problems in children. Come to find out last year that the vitamins that I was giving my kids was doing my baby boy (six years old) more harm than good. It's not that he can't have ANYTHING red. He just can't have anything that is artificially colored. He gets aggressive, defiant, mean-just NOT himself. He's begun to recognize how he gets. six year little first grader ("little"-he's about the height and weight of the average 10 year old)...knows to look where the ingredients are and check for red #40 in everything. I've included a link in case anyone else is interested in at least beginning research for themselves and their kids.

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8/24/12 6:22 P

Here's a few recipes that I really like that don't involve anything red. I won't copy and paste everything cause that would make this post too long, but you can copy and paste the links, I am not affiliated with the sites and they aren't bad sites :)

Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

Grilled Chicken and Pesto Farfalle (can even use a rotisserie chicken for this)

Confetti Chicken Pasta (just leave out the red veggies)

Broccoli Parmesan Fritters (could do this with zucchini too)

Healthy Chicken Fingers (dip in ranch dressing or honey mustard instead of ketchup or bbq sauce)

I have more, but these seem like the most "kid-friendly".

I honestly find it a little odd that she can't come up with more non-red meals. She could do things like roasted chicken, pork chops, mashed potatoes, hamburgers/turkey burgers, breakfast for dinner, tacos.... the possibilities are endless.

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8/24/12 3:19 P

You know, there are lots of pesto sauce recipes and products around. That's a tasty pasta sauce.

Another suggestion is to learn how to make a simple white sauce--flour, butter/margarine, & milk--and use that as a base for sauces by adding various cheeses, herbs and spices. At least it's not a Cream of Campbell's Soup!

To get away from the dairy-based sauces, use a slurry of cornstarch or flour (cornstarch or flour dissolved in a little cold water). That can be added to any broth or pan juice to thicken it up. You can even make an orange sauce, mixing the cornstarch slurry into orange juice and then simmering it until it's thick--which would be a treat on baked chicken, or over broccoli florets & mandarin orange segments. Same holds true for other fruit juices--pineapple juice for a ham dish, for instance.

8/24/12 1:37 P

I wasn't with them when they visited the nutritionist, but my SIL is adamant that he can't have anything red. From what little research I got a chance to do yesterday there is a compound in tomatoes especially that can aggravate hyperactivity, and my SIL says that his hyperactivity & aggression spikes dramatically after he has anything with tomatos or watermelon. I'll have to do more research this weekend about the peppers. I found a recipe for her to try for a pasta sauce that uses beets & carrots, so she's going to give that a shot.

Thanks so much! :)

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8/23/12 9:38 P

This is a very unusual food sensitivity, indeed! Are you sure you'all understood the nutritionist correctly? I've heard of red dyes causing hyperactivity, but not naturally occurring red vegetables AND fruits. But if you are correct... what about carrots and orange squash? Are they off limits, too?

Well, lucky for us, we've got lots of green vegetables. Not using tomatoes is a challenge, since we use them in so many ways. For the color, you can use turmeric, which is kind of orangy yellow... at least it's not green! I'd add in various peppers to spice up my dishes, like banana peppers, jalapenos, habanero's.

Now there's another question: jalapenos are both red and green; so are bell peppers. Can he eat one, but not the other?

Garlic. Garlic can add flavor to meats, pastas, vegetables.

Cream of celery soup is another good base for a sauce.

8/23/12 6:39 P

Hi everyone!

One of my nephews can't have anything red otherwise he gets aggressive & hyperactive, which I know is a somewhat common occurance. My sister in law is having a hard time finding recipes that don't have any tomatos, paprika, or anything else red. She has four kids & a husband and all of them including herself are getting tired of cream of mushroom soup recipes.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I know for sure he can't have tomatos, paprika, or watermelon but I'm not sure about beets.

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