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3/20/11 5:55 P

I'm freshly back as well...have managed to keep off the weight from pre-pregnancy (that was the reason for my hiatus) but haven't budged. The babe is 2.5 years old now and it's time to take off the final 15-20...I tracked today, did you? I think my struggle initially is going to be water...not sure how I'll get around it but I WILL!

WOLVERINE09 Posts: 15
3/20/11 5:45 P

I was here over a year ago - and was having trouble losing anything! So I got discouraged and stopped. Then I started having trouble with my feet which stopped me from walking (which is what I love to do for exercise). So I just gave up. And of course put on about 20 MORE pounds. So I now have at least 40 lbs. to get off - which probably won't happen but I have to try. I just turned 60 (sure don't feel like it!) and it's very, very difficult to get weight off at this age. So I'll be struggling and needed lots of support. Help!!

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