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4/19/12 8:20 A

I tend to go with Thomas Bagel thins 110 cals toasted with light cream cheese and a tsp of peach jam and have a piece of fruit with it. then a snack around 1000. Or I have cottage cheese with fruit or quesedilla with low fat cheese in it (spark recommendation on my meal plan) these are quick and yummy..then a banana or fruit with it. Hope all our ideas help you out, I know I'll be using some of them. emoticon

ONEDERLAND2013 Posts: 359
4/18/12 10:12 A

I just posted a recipe for ham and cheese scones - they are about 200 cal each and while they take about 20 minutes to prepare and another 20 minutes to bake - the recipe makes 8 and I just store them in a zip lock bag and then zap them for a few seconds for an "on the run" breakfast. I usually make them on Sunday and we have them fresh for lunch with soup or salad and then use the rest up during the week.

JESSC098 Posts: 106
4/18/12 12:16 A

I'm not good at breakfast. One thing I have found I like is gurnsey yogurt (I know it's a really silly thing but it tastes so buttery and amazing!). I eat about 1/2 cup yogurt with 1/4 cup of a gluten free granola.

When I'm on the run, a favorite breakfast is a little bit of pork tenderloin--I don't know what it's called, but it's the BBQ pork that is red on the outside. We're able to get it pretty cheap at our local big-box store. It's high protein, fast and easy to eat and keeps me charged all day long. Sometimes I combine a little bit of pickled vegetables (green beans or asparagus) or a few olives.

JASS116 Posts: 15
4/1/12 8:22 P

Today I had an omelette of 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg, diced onion, tomato, green and red pepper, mushrooms and spinach. Very tasty, sometimes I put a bit of salsa on it. Good luck!

3/26/12 3:34 P

I'm with Terrri, I eat an egg or two for breakfast at least 3 times per week (the other two days it is granola/greek yogurt/fruit) and I keep it tasty and quick depending on the veggies. Some days I will add a sliced of chopped up smoked turkey and green onions with fresh ground pepper, or roasted red peppers and onions, or scrambled eggs with a bit of salsa or tabasco, or maybe fresh broccoli or spinach.I used to sprinkle a bit of cheddar, if cheese is in your diet this may be an option. Sometimes I cook the egg over easy and serve it on whole wheat toast. If I am in a rush or don't feel like cooking, I will spread peanut butter on whole wheat toast with a bit of honey and banana slices.

3/26/12 2:02 P

Greek yogurt, plain, with a scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, a dash of cinamon and some fresh berries (blueberries are my favorite) The fruit gives you a chance to chew and the yogurt and whey fill you up!

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3/22/12 2:05 P

i'm a big fan of egg sandwhiches. i used to eat porkroll, american cheese, and fried eggs with salt pepper and ketchup all stacked on a hardroll (at least two of these words probably don't make sense if your not from the east coast lol). now i'll have 1 whole egg with 2 egg whites, hot sauce, and a laughing cow wedge spread on a slice of whole wheat bread. quick and easy and saves me 500-1000 calories

3/19/12 10:39 A

Yogurt with some granola and berries. Its quick and easy, and most people like it.
Breakfast wrap--scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, and low calorie cheese, rolled up in a whole wheat wrap....quick, easy, and travels well.

GOAL_OF_145 Posts: 12
3/17/12 1:39 P

Great ideas on this post! Here are a few extras that I have been rotating through for breakfast!

Zucchini quiche (crustless)
egg white omelet with spinach, rf pepper jk cheese, salsa, and 1/4 c black beans
homemade egg mcmuffins (with rf cheese)

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3/16/12 10:21 P

1 boiled egg eat it by it self or in a sandwich with 1 or 2 tsp of mayo and 1 med or small slice of tomato, grits, pinapple "fresh offcourse"

SHAMROCKY2K Posts: 6,223
3/13/12 8:27 P

Honestly, I was a nay-sayer on oatmeal but it's great. Get the kind you cook on the stove. I put a bit of light applesauce, cinnamon and some pecans on the top. Also good with a side of sliced fruits.

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
3/13/12 1:37 P

I make Flax Seed & Oat Bran Muffins (recipe on the back of Bob`s Red Mill ground flax seed, but I tweak it bit, mainly adding craisins instead of raisins). I usually get 20 from the batch and freeze them. I will put a frozen muffin in fridge at night and take it to work with me with a boiled egg or string cheese. I trade off some days taking greek yogurt and fruit, a PBJ on a WW flat bun, I also have made a big pot of Steel-Cut Oats and taken a cup of that w/ craisens, sliced almonds and coconut milk.
Now week end breakfast is another story.......

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3/7/12 11:55 A

I too use 1 egg and 1 egg white and I add a little milk, zucchini, green or red bell pepper, and onion. I sometimes add a little cheese on top or Trader Joe's soy chorizo.

Also 1/4 cup oats, 1 egg, a splash of milk, vanilla, splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg, and all spice if you like. mix it all together and cook like a pancake. This is very filling!!!

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3/5/12 9:42 A

I like making a batch of muffins on the weekend. Once they are cooled, I put each muffin in its own ziploc sandwich bag and pop them all into the freezer for the week. For breakfast, I take a muffin out of the freezer, defrost it in the microwave for about 40 seconds and eat it with either a yogurt or glass of milk and a fruit. This makes breakfast so quick, easy and healthy for me. My kids are catching on to this as well! My favorite muffin so far is Chef Meg's Blueberry Flaxseed Muffins on SparkRecipes. Here's the link:


3/5/12 8:39 A

I have a Jack LaLanne juicer, and usually a large glass of juice, and toast, will hold me over all morning, a tough feat. Sometimes if I feel like I need a little more, I'll add peanut butter to the toast.

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3/5/12 8:20 A

I agree with the warm egg for breakfast and like supper leftovers warmed up.

I am not a breakfast eater and had to get something going before 10am, so I tracked my food for a week and found I was low in protein. I eat 3oz of Dannon all natural yogurt (vanilla, plain is best) and add 1 scoop NOW Whey protein isolate. Stir. A little pasty/powdery, but the taste and consistency is good. Sometimes I add a cup of orange juice (not to my yogurt lol), and 1 slice Healthy Life low carb high fiber toast.

Works for sticking to around 300 calories/meal for weight loss. I also am not a morning person, so although I cook from scratch, I just want easy no-brain out the door food at 7am.

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3/3/12 1:57 A

I agree with some of the other replies, breakfast pizza!

Here's my super easy version which I could eat during all hours of the day...

I use Trader Joe's low-fat spicy spinach flat-breads/pizza as my crust. On it's own it's kind of bland, but with a few tweaks/additions it makes an incredible breakfast pizza.

I add a big handful of finely chopped fresh spinach. Make a little "well" with the spinach and drop a raw egg in the "well" so that the whites don't run off the pizza. Top with a few chopped kalamata olives, a sprinkle of red pepper flakes, fresh ground black pepper, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and shaved parmigiano-reggiano or crumbled feta.

Put it in a 400 degree oven for about 7-10 minutes depending on how you like your eggs.


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3/2/12 11:59 P

Cottage cheese on whole wheat english muffin or bagel
Nut butter in whole grain wrap
Whole grain french toast
Whole grain waffles with yogurt/berries
Have you tried oat bran or cream of wheat cereal? I know you said no cereal but just an alternative thought
I am not big on them but some people like breakfast meats which you can buy in veggie or lean turkey sausage/bacon. Make into an egg sandwich
Greek yogurt/nuts/fruit
Eggs were stated but there are many fillings that can make it different you can even make a pizza type with flat omelette top with tomato sauce,cheese,veggies. A fruit one with apples/cinnamon.I think they are great way to pack lots of veggies in too.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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3/2/12 9:47 A

cinnamon raisin toast with a slice of Swiss cheese. Yummmmmm

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3/1/12 9:16 P

My breakfast tends to consist of oatmeal with some cinnamon and fruit and a cup of green tea. This makes me feel pretty full for about 2-3 hours. I have always liked oatmeal, but some people can't stand it. I have also thought about adding some strawberry protein mix into it as well.

GALINAZ Posts: 743
2/29/12 10:39 P

protein pancakes - 1/3 c non-fat cottage cheese, 1/3 c oatmeal, 1/3 c liquid egg whites. Blend and cook on griddle or waffle iron. Top with fruit

MEL5BRADY SparkPoints: (2,740)
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2/29/12 11:23 A

I love the Eggo Whole Wheat Waffles w/ Sugar Free syrup and Turkey Bacon!!!!

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2/29/12 11:08 A

Another idea...why not make small batches of your own granola to eat over greek yogurt? One time cooking for several very quick, simple breakfasts that will last for weeks & weeks (i.e. use it when you just need a change up for breakfast).

Bulk up on the nuts and seeds for a good protein punch, healthy fats, and good nutrients. By adding in your own dried fruits and spices, you can really get a wallop of flavor. Small batches work best.

Lightly oil some foil on a baking dish. Mix together dry oats (quick cooking works just fine), nuts, seeds, dried foods and your favorite spices (I like cinnamon or chinese five spice or pumpkin pie spice). Lay out of the foil and flip to coat a bit with oil. Drizzle with a few T of your favorite sweetener or honey to make those great granola "clumps". Bake in a 250 degree oven until just toasted.

Cool and store in an airtight container. YUM!

NMCINTYRE1 SparkPoints: (11,729)
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2/28/12 10:55 A

Great to see all the ideas here. I need simple, simple, simple. I tend to load up on an egg (whole) and three egg whites for breakfast with a half a piece of fruit or some grapes. But then I miss the oatmeal and or cold cereal. I really like the new Kashi Go Lean Crunch. But is loaded with calories. Obviously I am a carbo-holic. Thanks to all of you have posted some great ideas to change up the eggs. Because I know that I will be absolutely sick of them if I keep this up every week. Thanks again for all your posts.

2/27/12 3:50 P

I am also an egg person and find myself not feeling deprived when I have them in the morning. I use 1 whole and 1 white and make an omellete, I change up the filling but almost always include mushrooms - LOVE THEM. I try to load up on the veggies to bulk up the omellette and feel like Im having breakfast at the "diner".

My other favorite is PIZZA! I use an Arnolds Sandwich Thin (wheat 100 calories) use two tablespoons of pasta sauce and then load up on my favorite veggie toppings. It's easy to get the veggies in this way. I use spinach and thinly sliced onion or peppers, mushrooms, asparagus. You MUST KNOW that I am not a huge veggie fan at all but fast becoming one because I have tasted them in little amounts in my pizza or omellete. Shredded part-skim mozzarella goes on top of the veggies and into the taoster oven it goes. Very satisfying!

Add some fruit and a tall glass of water and Im on my way!

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2/27/12 3:02 P

Breakfast pizza! Store bought flatbread, top with scrambled egg, favorite sliced veggies, and pineapple, sprinkle a little cheddar on top and place under broiler until cheese is melted. Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top if prefered.

TERRRI SparkPoints: (31,898)
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2/27/12 1:16 P

Since I have started losing weight I find having a frittata really works for me. I used to really turn my nose up at them so I am surprised how much I like them.

I always use 1 whole egg and 1/4 cup egg white. The veg, spices and cheese I use are what make it different every time. Tomato, oregano and provolone and it tastes like a pizza. Zucchini and tomato with basil and feta for greek style. I keep frozen spinach handy to supplement if I don't have left over veg. I used leftover roasted cauliflower and that really seemed to have a meaty texture. Of course there is always broccoli, ham and cheese. Try and keep a bit of veg left over from the previous nites dinner so half the prep is already done. Also makes it really easy to get all my veg in for the day and my sugar cravings have gone way down.

Leave the fruit and yogurt for a snack.

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
2/27/12 10:05 A

I like eating various cold meats with fresh fruit.

Plain yogurt with some coconut added and frozen/fresh berries.

M_SGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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2/27/12 9:23 A

My latest kick is double fiber english-style muffins toasted with a poached egg and maybe a slice of grilled proscuitto with a thinly sliced roma tomato on the side.

Since you like eggs, quiche is always good (go crustless), heavy on the veggies. Frittatas work, too.

A roasted apple with a little yogurt and homemade granola is a good option.

KELEKONA Posts: 605
2/26/12 4:21 P

Patience, it is Sunday.

I'm usually into leftovers for breakfast. Soup is ideal for winter breakfasts. Savory porridge is good, last time was thrice-cooked barley with mushrooms and onions and a bit of old milk.

Try a nice green salad and maybe cheese on toast or a sandwich. Vegetable stir-fry could also be quick.

That, or you could explore the art of the omelet.

KSANDIEGO SparkPoints: (8,680)
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2/26/12 2:37 P

geeesh look at all the ideas flooding in - lol!

OLDOLGA Posts: 191
2/24/12 3:53 P

i eat eggs and toast everyday too. my husband makes it for me...i'm so lucky and he's such a sweetie...sometimes i just want to have something different and just like you i hate oatmeat and cold cereal doesn't fill me up. we have eggs as omlettes...mushrooms & cheese..., eggs in english muffins with cheese and sometimes crisp bacon. i also add to my breakfast a half of grapefruit or orange or peaches. sometimes spelt pancakes instead of toast. eggs seems to be what everything else rotates around. i look forward to any suggestions too.

KSANDIEGO SparkPoints: (8,680)
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2/24/12 10:40 A

I eat eggs and toast for breakfast almost every day. I can't stand oatmeal (YUK) and am not all that fond of cold cereal or yogurt, that gets old fast. I'm searching for some new breakfast ideas. I have plenty of time to cook eggs, just looking for something new. --

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