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8/4/12 3:20 P

Welcome to spark!!! Sorry to hear about your foot woes, hopefully it will get better with weightloss. One thing you could think about is working on low impact machinery or swimming, that way your feet won't feel it so much. Biking, rowing, strength training, etc. Good luck!

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8/4/12 2:46 P

Hello and Welcome!
Congrats on joining SP. It sounds like you are seeing some results and that's always a great motivator.
I imagine it's hard to fit in exercise with the long days you have as well as taking care of family.
A little exercise is better than none. Have you tried using any of Coach Nicole's video workouts? Some of them are pretty short. They are under the Healthy Lifestyle tab, then click video on the pull down menu.
Here is the link;>

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you!

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8/4/12 11:00 A

Just turned forty and have come to the realization that I need younger feet, have been dealing with foot pain issues for years. New orthotics, active release therapy (very painful but effective)_massage, have recently decided that my feet are overworked carrying 50 pounds of extra weight while working on them for 10 hours a day (I get cranky when overworked )so I decided to cut them some slack and check out the weight loss program. Never managed to loss the weight after each one of my babies (the last baby weighing 12 pounds at birth). I have been sparkling for two weeks now and am starting to see some results, there is now a scale in my house (granted a cheep one) in case I want to throw it out the window of my car doing 110. Having trouble incorporating exercise into my schedule after my 12 hour days could use some help. emoticon

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