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1/22/12 11:47 P

I prefer to freeze my water bottles. I want it cold!! Lol. I don't know of any way to encourage someone to drink it though. :(

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
1/20/12 12:43 A

She has two water bottles. She takes one in her lunchbox, the other for practice. We've talked about the implications of not enough water and she experienced it today when her leg cramped up. She's actually one of the children I nanny for and both of her parents are doctors, one a pediatrician and one a hospitalist (only sees patients already in the hospital as inpatient) so she's gotten a ton of information. She doesn't drink much of anything so it's not even like I want her to drink something with more or less calories. She burns through so many calories in a day (walks more than a mile to school, tromps up and down stairs all day carrying her backpack, then does crew for 2-3 hours each day, as well as having dance twice a week) that she could use the water flavor packets, she just doesn't drink them.

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1/20/12 12:40 A

If all else fails, you could try to enlist her coach for support. I remember our coaches getting specific about our diets in school sports.

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1/20/12 12:29 A

I have a teenage daughter as well. In our house all we have to drink is water and milk. She takes a water bottle to school with her every day and fills it up a couple of times a while at school. Maybe you could buy her a cute reusable bottle?

They have those individual powder packets of Crystal Light (I'm sure there are other brands too) that you can dump into a water bottle then shake up. Do you think she might drink those?

Being dehydrated can be really dangerous, particularly when participating in sports. Maybe you can investigate the implications and go over them with her?

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
1/19/12 11:03 P

I have a 14 year old girl who needs to drink more water. She doesn't really drink much in general. She is very thin, does crew at her high school with conditioning 5 days a week during the offseason so calories aren't an issue. Today she ended up with a horrible cramp in her leg that lasted for more than 3 hours. We all know she needs to drink more, but we can't get her to do it. I'm looking for suggestions. We've tried fruit flavored water (water with fresh fruit, cucumber, lemon, lime, etc.), watered down fruit juices (she's not a fan of juice in general), ice chips, Popsicles, rewards for drinking water.
She has started to become dizzy as well. I'm getting concerned for her because she really needs more fluids. She eats more than enough calories in a day, she is just naturally thin and works out a lot, it's only the fluids that she's having trouble with. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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