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9/28/12 4:20 P

I agree w/ increasing. That's what I did to get off my last 13 or so lbs. I had been eating 1200-1300 a day, and then I increased to 1500 (this was before I was paying attention to SP's ranges) and that did the trick. I don't exercise so I didn't have that factor to worry about. I think our bodies get settled and used to being in one place, so we have to "trick" them into getting into burning mode again.

DEBBS29 Posts: 24
9/28/12 4:17 P

Ty for the feedback. I was thinking the same thing myself and have gone into the tracker to reevaluate my calorie intake. I thought that the tracker would automatically readjust and give me more calories, but it didn't. BTW I burn 1800 calories a week in exercise, would that amount justify an increase in calories?

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WANYONI Posts: 173
9/28/12 3:57 P

Congrats on your progress. What both the replies have said is true, I didn't have much to loose and when I cut back on calories and exercised a lot, my weight stayed the same, so I increased my calories and now my weight has started coming off. It may work for you too.

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9/28/12 3:52 P

wow congrats on how much weight you've lost!! That was no small feat.

If you are exercising 7 days per week, how is it possible that your calorie range is so low? This may sound goofy, but with that much activity, the key for that last 9 lbs may be to stuff yourself with good food up to 1600-1700ish...that way you stay away from the binge (which is usually on bad stuff), you don't feel famished, and those calories will allow you to crank up the intensity of your workouts...that intensity (which is impossible to do when you are hanging around 1200 cal) may be the final push your body needs to shed that 9.

good luck!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
9/28/12 3:50 P

I konw it seems counter-intuitive, but have you tried eating more? How intense are your workouts? How many calories are you burning. You may not be eating enough to support them. Also, the closer you get to your goal, the harder it is to lose. You should and will go slower. Your body has a tendency to want to hold on to the last bit.

DEBBS29 Posts: 24
9/28/12 3:42 P

I've worked really hard and am very happy with how far I've come so far. I try to live a healthy life that includes healthy food and exercise. I eat between 1200-1500 calories and exercise 7 days a week and I'm still not losing. I want to lose 9 more pounds, but I can't eat less than 1200 calories, I get famished which leads to a binge. Any suggestions out there. My trackers are public, so you can look at them and make suggestions. Thanks!

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