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9/20/12 4:50 P

I agree with the others who are saying you are only going to be cheating yourself if you count those activities. Sparkpeople's calorie ranges already take that type of activity into account when you are given a number range of calories to eat. You should only track the activities you are actually, genuinely EXERCISING.


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9/20/12 3:25 P

Thank you very much. I don't know where I saw that, it may have even been on a different program.I was looking at 3 the day I started & chose Spark People. How long have you been on the program & what is the tape measure I keep seeing others post??

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9/20/12 3:23 P

I think Spark does not "count" those types of things, but if you're doing vigorous housework, try this one:
ome-activities-ac5 (copy and paste). It lists a lot of different household chores. Good luck!!!

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9/20/12 3:14 P

Those aren't "exercise".

Spark already includes a value for your assumed approximate daily burn from regular day to day living and housework. If you manually add vacuuming your floors, you're double-counting that.

You should add in only those things you get your sweat pants on for and do "as exercise".

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9/20/12 3:13 P

I thinkt There's some of those here under household chores. But, honestly, you're cheating yourself if you count that stuff. SP already takes daily activity into account when generating your nutritional ranges. And, if it's stuff you do regularly, your body becomes used to it. So, if you track it, it's almost like "double dipping".

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9/20/12 3:09 P

The 1st day I started I found a link w/ every exercise known to even had stuff such as vacuuming & cleaning the bathtub. Can someone please help me find that link or tell me how to get to it. I am a housewife so there are a lot of calories I am burning I don't know how to add. This page had mopping the floors & even washing the dog. PLEASE someone help me. I've looked & looked & all I'm getting is frustrated. emoticon

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