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10/16/12 7:44 P

I am back and forth on the whole splena thing too, althought I do love the Crystal Light packets to help spice up my water every so often. Juice would probably be the healthier choice, just water it down. Buy the frozen and add more water in than the directions say, starting with just a little and gradually adding more in over time. They'll never know.

Also, add veggies to regular food. Grated zucchini and or carrots to meat items like meatballs, meatballs, burgers. I also like to add black beans to a lot of my meat and I used turkey instead of beef. There is a texture difference, so maybe try half and half turkey/beef. In dishes like tacos, you won't notice a difference. Mexican style meals should be easy to make everyone happy, because you can make traditional food healthy with lots of veggies. For example, you can use flatout wraps instead of shells or tortillas for tacos or add brown rice and nix the chips for nachos.

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10/15/12 12:57 P


My kids need more calories than i do.

Making things like tacos or potato bar helps me. My potato will be smaller than my son's and his will have chili while mine will have a lot of broccoli. That way, we are both getting the calories what we need.

Tonight we are having tacos for dinner. Mine will be a taco salad with a lot of lettuce, while my daughter will have taco shells and more cheese and sour cream than mine.

If we are having pasta, the kids will have garlic bread, but I will skip it.

I will also make individual pizzas. That way, everyone can put there own toppings on.

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10/13/12 9:59 A

Oh! This is a constant struggle for my family. Unfortunately, I have modeled or allowed a lot of bad habits, but we are trying to change them slowly. My kids are learning some healthy habits. We mostly drink water, they prefer whole wheat breads and pastas, and they eat a lot of fruit. Unfortunately my 8 year old won't eat a vegetable (if she knows about it) and they both (8 and 10 yo) prefer sugared cereals.

This isn't a complete solution, but it is progress. I've been pureeing veggies and hiding them in other foods they like (from the Sneaky Chef cookbook). I do buy them yogurt for snacks, but there is no way they would eat the sugar free kind, so I just try to stay away from HFCS and limit them to one a day. I also encourage them to have protein when they say they are hungry because it will stay with them longer. We've switched from sweet snacks to things like graham crackers with peanut butter, popcorn, and fruit and cheese, and I've started making lower calorie/fat chicken nuggets at home instead of buying them. Those things were like crack to my kids!

One thing that has been really tough is that my son takes meds that decrease his appetite, so I am always trying to keep him from losing weight while I'm trying to take it off.

I would love to hear more ideas!

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i have the same thing with the white bread here. i know i am the parent, and i decide what is bought, but i don't eat things i don't like, so i stick witht he white brerad becuase that is what they like.

i buy wonder smart white at 50 calories a serving.

both my 11 year olds are thin. like i used to be- they can eat whatever, whenever. (my son's after school "snack" before football practice yesterday was 2 1/2 frozen waffles, with strawberries and cool whip, a glass of 2% milk, a gogurt, a bowl of lucky charms and a baggie of goldfish) probably 1/2 my calories for the day.

He can't eat pasta or cheese and on top of that, he can't eat crunchy food (raw veggies, nuts) becuase of his braces.

At under 100 pounds, he is on the slim side for his team. Probably not the healthiest snacks (i have a friend who considers any yogurt with added sugar junk food, so that would include gogurt) but i figure it could be worse. I do limit juice and water it down slightly.

I think that any small change you can make is great and different things work for different kids.

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10/11/12 4:27 P

I can relate to some of the same issues. I have one child that could eat anything under the sun and moon and not gain and then another one that is the complete opposite. And a husband that will eat healthy food but certainly will not give up junk either. With that said, I have made a few changes (baby steps). I don't buy pudding cups for snacks, instead I buy yogurt. I make meatloaf, chili and burgers with ground turkey instead of ground beef. The rest of the family refuses to eat any bread other than white so I buy the "lite" 35 cals per slice. It's not perfect and every family is different but I am trying to ease "them" into small changes...a few at a time. Good Luck!

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10/10/12 9:19 P

Perhaps start with making small changes with your family. I think that they won't be so resistant to change and it will be easier to maintain if the changes are gradual.

Personally, I am not a big fan of spenda, diet etc. for the kids. I have read that sometimes those sweetners trigger cravings. Maybe try water with lemon or lime?

SInce they love video games so much (like all kids : ) ) do they have wii or box connect that the family could play together? Would the kids be interested in a family walk or bike ride?

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10/10/12 9:11 P

I would contact the county public health offices for resources on healthy eating habits.
They sometimes have materials from grant money that are given to mothers of infants and children.
Otherwise, try websearches for fighting family obesity.... Let's Move.

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10/10/12 4:18 P

I am not new here, buy I am restarting. I have had weight issues as long as I can remember--from being bullied in 2nd grade (called fat and ugly when I really wasn't that overweight, just tall and big-boned), to my own father chanting to me "fatty, fatty, 2 by 4 can't get thru the bathroom door"...needless to say, I have body issues! :( I have been on every diet possible, losing weight in the beginning, only to grow bored and fall back into old habits. Now, I am 38 and married with 3 children. My DH is slightly overweight, but has awful cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as a family history of heart problems and the men die young from heart attacks. My oldest and youngest children are built more like their dad--tall, skinny and could eat all day long without gaining weight. My middle child is more like me--she has more curves, and eventhough not overweight, she is borderline. All my children love to eat and would rather play video games than go outside.
SO....I have decided to make some major changes. I want to make more healthy meals and snacks--I want to cut out so much of the processed food we eat. The problem I have is that you hear so many contradicting info about what is or is not healthy. For instance, instead of drinks with sugar, I was going to switch to Splenda-sweetened drinks, but then I read where Splenda is so very bad for us. So then I thought only juice, but that has loads of natural sugar, so is that actually good for them or not?
My question is, where can I find good recommendations for truly healthy changes I can make? Recipes, shopping tips, and guidelines would all be appreciated. I do not want my children to end up with the horrible body image problems I have and I want them (and my DH and I) to be healthy. Thanks!

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