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1/23/13 9:12 A

jeaniecolleen your bean soup sounds good. Will try it.

SHARON2018 Posts: 3,582
1/22/13 6:16 P

I make mine much like JEANIECOLLEEN but after bringing to a boil, I let them sit for a few hours, then drain, add chicken or beef broth, onion, garlic and whatever veggies I have. Add a can of tomatoes, or about a cup of V8. I like to add meat - yesterday I added some fresh polish sausage that I took out of the casing and crumbled. I also like a ham hock. I set it out on our enclosed porch last night and today it was frozen! Once thawed and reheated, it was great!!

Let us know what you did your with beans and ham hock!!

1/20/13 11:10 P

I always cover with water and boil the beans.Remove from heat.Then let them sit over night covered with a lid..Drain in the morning and cover with water again Then I add chopped onion,celery,carrots,tomatoes,broth base (meat if desired) and boil again. When it has boiled turn down to simmer and cook for 2-3 hours stirrring often. When the beans are soft it is done. Taste to see if more seasoning is needed. emoticon emoticon

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1/18/13 8:25 P

Sometimes salt and pepper are listed last in the ingredients list in a recipe. Don't really know why. I add it in last in a recipe that I want to taste with all the other ingredinets added and then add more salt and pepper if I need to.

GINNY9255 Posts: 14
1/17/13 9:17 A

I am not an expert chef, so I do not understand adding salt at the last minute. Why not put it in anytime?

GINNY9255 Posts: 14
1/17/13 9:12 A

Thank you...sounds de-lish:-)

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1/17/13 8:27 A

This recipe won't use your ham hock, but will use some beans. Can substitue other beans in this recipe.
Italian Soup
1lb. ground beef or turkey (optional)
1 large onion
2 qt. tomato, whole or juice.
4 shredded carrots
2 c. cooked kidney beans, or 1 can
2 C. cooked white beans, or 1 can
3 tsp. oregano or more to your taste
1 stalk diced celery
salt and pepper to taste

Brown meat and onion, add other ingredients and boil til veggies are tender.

GINNY9255 Posts: 14
1/12/13 10:54 A

Thank you:-)

SPATTEN2001 Posts: 1,179
1/11/13 2:21 P

I would use the bag of mixed beans and lentils and add

--1 onion, chopped
--3 cloves chopped garlic
--2 tsp of your favorite spice rub
--can of Italian-style tomatoes (or to avoid sodium, I chop up my own tomatoes in processor)
--water (up to you how much -- I usually cover the beans entirely)
--salt (add the salt at the last minute, a teaspoon at a time, according to taste)

Cook on low all day long --- sometimes I cook this overnight so I can take a cup or two for my lunch at work

GINNY9255 Posts: 14
1/11/13 1:15 P

Thank you and I like your signature:-)

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
1/11/13 11:25 A

Cooking dry beans can be tricky period....but in a need to look up directions from your crock pot instructions. A mix of dry beans, peas and lentils is difficult because the different types take different cooking times.
Salt and your ham hock should do for seasoning, but you need to check out about the cooking with your crock pot instructions.

GINNY9255 Posts: 14
1/3/13 8:15 P

I have a container of mixed dried beans, peas and lentils that I got a Costco. There are no recipes included. It only says that one cup dry equals 2.25 cups cooked. Swell:-/ I do have a ham hock from a Christmas ham but what else do I need and how much? I want to use a crock pot. Thank you.

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