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3/29/07 10:28 A

Good idea! I'll make it for lunch sometime! Hope you have a great day! Marzydotes

MCDLADY1 Posts: 2,802
3/28/07 11:44 P

when you divide it into servings it's not that bad or you can substitute the healty request one I don't like the flavor as much though

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3/28/07 9:16 A

Sounds delicious, MCDLADY. But isn't the cream of mushroom soup fattening? Wonder what could be substituted.

MCDLADY1 Posts: 2,802
3/27/07 10:20 P

Something fast and easy boil noodles and while they cook (i use 1/2 to 3/4 bag) mix 1 can cream of mushroom soup, 1 can of tuna in water drained, and 2 tbsp parmasen cheese. add noodles mix and microwave for 4 min.

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3/20/07 2:08 P

Lightweight99: Looks like you are at your goal! Way to go, if you are. Thanks for the tips on the food too! Always looking for new ideas.

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3/14/07 7:47 P


A grain, a legume(bean), and a vegetable combined will give you complete protein.
Keeping this in mind, you can make stews, stir frys, soups, casseroles within a tight budget.

TERRE58 Posts: 2,332
3/13/07 1:49 P

Hi Latrice,

The Spark Cabbage Beef Stew Recipe is easy and delicious. I added some of my favorite spices to taste it up a bit. At 191 cals a cup its very filling.

Good luck to you!

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3/10/07 7:49 A

Check out the Slowcooking for Fast Lives Team. The link is on my Sparkpage. There are many good slowcooker recipes and I have tried alot of them.

3/9/07 11:21 P

I always found what worked well for me was to cook on Sunday and portion out meals for the week.

Sometimes I would make a large salad and a large fruit salad on Sunday that would last the full week.
Other times, I would fire up the grill and grill several days worth of chick breast, pork loins, etc. which I could reheat in the microwave in a couple of munutes.

Finally, in fall and winter, I would make a casserole or a batch of chili or soup on Sunday and portion it out over the week.

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3/9/07 6:39 A

Hi, wish you well in your efforts to get healthy!

If you are just cooking for yourself and want to limit your costs and your time, I would suggest trying some of the frozen meals by Lean Cuisine or others, if they are on sale at your stores.

I am sometimes able to get them for $1.50 each, which I think is pretty cheap. They take only minutes to cook and are fairly tasty. Have them with a salad and it's a meal.

If you are cooking for yourself and others, you probably are better off cost wise to look at the crock pot or stew pot recipes, casseroles or the like...I make rice in the microwave and that is a set it up and walk away process.

Good luck!

HOKMAH Posts: 1,705
3/8/07 6:13 P

A can of beans, a cup of frozen corn, half a cup of brown rice (with required water), some salsa, into the crock pot.
6 eggs, a can of spinach, half a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup, half a cup of shredded cheese, mixed, thrown in a pie pan and into the oven at 350 for about an hour.
One of my quick, cheap and lazy favorites is to take a package of frozen mixed vegetables, throw in a big pot, with a cube of vegetable boullion and half cup of brown rice, put water in until the vegetables are covered with about an inch on top of them and simmer at low heat for at least an hour. Then I mix about two tablespoon of cornstarch with a quarter cup cold water and add that (it makes the soup nice and thick without adding a lot of calories) Altogther takes about a minute to make.

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3/8/07 4:34 P

I do a beef chili in the crockpot. I brown stew meat & chopped beef together in a saucepan. I throw that in the crockpot along with a can of red kidney beans, a large can of tomato sauce, a pkg. of chili mix, some salt, pepper, bay leaf & a little oregano. I cook it on high for at least 6-7 hrs. I serve it over rice or plain and it comes delicious. If you need exact measurements, let me know.
Feel better!

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3/8/07 3:53 P

Hi! Everyone

I was wondering if you have any suggests for me that involve a slow cooker, oven recipes that does not require a lot of items or suggests for frozen meals. I am on a “very tight budget". I have arthritis in my knees, low spine and in the process of seeing if I can get a surgery too correct a problem that I am have with my knee cap. I will want too lose weight but it is very challenging when you are on a tight budget & have a difficult time standing and walking for long period of time. Any suggests or advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.


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