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JEANNINEW1 Posts: 548
5/23/12 9:04 P

Hummus on celery
yogurtt with fruit
stir fry vegetables
fresh pineapple chunks

works for me

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5/23/12 7:42 P

Thank you for replying. I really appreciate the support and suggestions.

5/23/12 3:16 P

when I know I'm feeling irrationally hungry I make a point of eating foods that are lower in calories...that way I get way more volume which fills me up.

shiratake noodles
red/yellow/green peppers
green smoothies with psyllium husks added for bulk

That's my go-to list :)

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5/23/12 1:47 P

When I have "hungry" days, I need lots of chewy foods - celery with peanut butter, wedges of lettuce, apple sliced up thinly. it seems as if the actual "work" of eating these things help me feel full. Plain unsalted rice cakes are also good, I drizzle some honey on them and sprinkle with about 1 tbsp. chopped walnuts.

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5/23/12 1:45 P

Yesterday was a 'hungry' day. I did eat my meals in different orders and I think it played a role. I ate too many calories at lunch. Now - I was still at only 1200 calories for the day, so I could have consumed 300 more and been within range. I consume between 1200-1250 a day with an allowance of up to 1550. I also workout every single day (for a month now) for at least 30 minutes without fail.

Here is my dilemma - When this happens do you increase your calories for the day. Do you stick with your original plan? Any thoughts on what was going on? I am just looking for some suggestions and thoughts.

Thank you for your time!

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