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BAMSY2310 Posts: 9
5/1/12 2:49 A

I haven't had it yet. lol. It's not until the third week in may. But don't worry I'll be sure to let you know. All the ideas were great so I'm done planning and everything else just have to buy the food and put it all out the day of. So thank you very much!

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4/30/12 9:03 P did it go?

I hope it was a "blast!" emoticon

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
4/17/12 1:24 P

I don`t know how long it takes to build the birdhouses, but you should probably have 1 other structured activity, So how about toy dump truck racing, divide into teams and have them fill the trucks (wit any small thing) and take to the the next teammate., who empties it and then to next to teammate to refill, etc. Parents can play this game along with them too.seeing how high/fast they can stack toy blocks. The winners could take the trucks or blocks as prizes.Or painting something with water colors of course :) Or a "name that tool" session, just gather together some simple tools and divide into teams, see which team can name correctly the most tools.

The dirt pudding cake is a good idea, how about serving it in a toy dump truck or bulldozer? For drinks, juice boxes could be covered with constuction paper (or whatever) and made to look lika brick wall.Also icecream can be cut into squares and made to build something...a house if you ate clever, or a foundationor wall....
Well guess thats my ideas for now :)

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4/4/12 2:27 A

Well, I'm from Texas emoticon so I'd love some queso (Rotel & Velveeta dip) in a crock pot served with tortilla chips and a veggie tray.

Mini-meatballs with bbq sauce are also easy to do in a crock pot (I'd try to keep these away from the little 'uns, though).

I'm not an Oreo fan, so I must recuse myself from voting. emoticon

^Birdhouse building
^Opening gifts
^Musical chairs (carpet squares, etc.)?
^Hot potato?

BAMSY2310 Posts: 9
4/4/12 1:40 A

thank you so much for all the ideas! I can't begin to tell you how helpful it is. I think I have some major party items covered now finally. Just deciding on what kind of sandwiches for the adults. Feel free to let me know what you would want if attending!
And which type of dessert to do?
So far I have a "dirt cake" which is pudding and cake layers with oreo crumbs on top. I can do that in individual buckets. Or one big chocolate cake with construction theme top. And finally little oreo ball truffles that I could do individually or just set out as snack with the other snacks.
So lets vote for your favorite idea out of the three?!
And my finally party planning thing I need a little guidance in, is how many activities should I provide for a group of three year olds (about 4 to 7 of them)? the major activity I want to do is build little tool boxes or bird houses from the Lowe's kids section. So I know that will take up quite a bit of time. Just not sure how many other activities I should have planned with it?

So keep it coming gang! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much again! emoticon

DRS510 Posts: 2,234
4/3/12 11:30 P

finger foods - carrots, celery and hummus. chicken wings - meatballs. Don't worry about making everyone happy. they will be happy to be there and enjoy the fun!

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4/3/12 10:56 P

How's the planning coming along? It's so fun having parties for the little ones.

Looking back on all the crazy, obsessive/compulsive, over-the-top things I did, I wish I could tell my younger self, "Don't stress over it!"

The kids are happiest with familiar foods (PBJs, cheese sandwiches, chips) and the adults want to see you have a good time and interact with them. I wouldn't (now) even attempt a "build your own" food bar for four-year-olds, but just have toy trucks in the background of the food table.

One thing we did that worked great (and eliminated frantic ice cream scooping during the party) was to buy flat bottomed ice cream cones, scoop vanilla ice cream into them and place them in pans in the freezer. Everyone who wanted ice cream with their cake had a pre-portioned scoop with no hassles.


SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
3/30/12 8:27 P

Found this on a web site...hope it helps !!

You can buy some dump truck invitations to start the inviting.

The best color scheme for a construction birthday party is yellow and black, to match the signs that always surround construction zones. You can buy long strips of yellow and black "Caution" tape to use as streamers all around the room and you can add your own homemade "Construction Zone" signs to fit the decor. Think black and yellow table covers, plates , napkins, cups etc

At the table, put snacks in large plastic dump trucks or in upside down hard hats. Chip and dips, crackers, veggies etc etc

Construction-themed food can make the party truly unique. Let kids build their own sandwiches by going from one station to another. The first station can hold "Foundations and Roofs" (various types of bread), the second station can hold "Plumbing" (lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables), and the third station can hold "Drywall" (deli meats and other fillings). Make or buy some pasta salad or potato salad to go with your sandwiches.
Don't forget the pickles !!

The cake at a construction party should be chocolate, with extra cake crumbled on top as dirt. You can set tiny construction vehicles on the cake, looking as if they are moving that "dirt" around. Other chocolate foods, such as cookies, ice cream and candies, will go well with the theme because of their brown, dirt like color. For a bit of extra nutrition, build some fruit salad skyscrapers in the middle of the table, held together with toothpicks, and hope that the kids taste some.

When the time comes for opening gifts, have the birthday boy sit in a chair and have an empty chair next to him. Have the rest of the children sit on the floor. The person who has a birthday in January gives the birthday boy his gift first, then February, March etc etc. That child can sit in the chair next to the birthday boy while he is opening his gift. After the gift is opened, he or she must sit down and watch the next gift giver.

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3/28/12 2:08 A

Here are a few cute ideas from Family Fun Magazine to get you started:

I hope everyone has a emoticon time!

BAMSY2310 Posts: 9
3/27/12 10:43 P

Please help me come up with some cute food ideas to serve at a construction themed birthday party for a 4 year old! Keep in mind the party will not only have a bunch of little ones, but all their parents and my family attending. I have no idea what to serve that is healthy and liked by all. Much less to give the items any cute construction names. I'm so not the creative type. lol. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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