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3/29/12 8:07 P

A BIG thankyou to to ALL Who has helped me over the last number of days. I have used the information you have given me.
Thank you to Skeetyr I really appreciate you have addressed how to heal up while continuing to get stronger. I had to about 10 months ago use a physiotherapist who used ultrasound on my shins and maybe I should go back to see her. Also I did invest in custom orthotics I plan to go back to my pothridrist to reassess. I will use your step by step of how to get beater as you have gone through the pain and as you said what help you where by the shin splints were gone. Thanks again I will be looking for the exercises if you remember the ones that worked for you please let me know?

Good news, I tried to see how it all felt today.

I did it!!! I completed week 3 day 1 of C25k.
I can't belive I jogged a full 3 min twice.

For Week 3 day 1 I did the following:
2 Repetitions of the following
Jog 90 sec Walk 90
Jog 3 min Walk 3 mins

Can you tell how excited I am LOL!!!

I have to say though while walking my shins were good but as soon as I started to jogged with the first 4 steps my left shin hurt in impact. Then I started to focus on how I was jogging and slowed my pace to a crawl. I tried to remember and practice some of what I read around Chi Running so that I was placing my feet under me and making sure my mid sole of my feet made contact with the ground first. I also focused on totally letting from my knees to the tips of my toes loose . I found this to work . So maby I have fixed my body mechanics. Here hoping!!!!

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3/29/12 8:34 A

It seems you have a TON of answers here!

But just in case you need some more, I thought I'd put my 2 cents in.

I used to be a professional dance instructor/performer and started running. The combination of the two gave me massive shin splints for months... which turned into a year (even had trouble walking). I went to a podiatrist and she sent me to a physical therapist.

Here is what they had me to do help them (and by the way, after about 2 months they were completely gone).

1) Get real running shoes- fitted at a real running shoe store.
2) Get orthopedics, if you can afford them.
3) Stretch the muscles in the front and back of that part of your leg daily.
4) Ice your shins any time you work them out (like after a run)
5) Work out the muscles around your shins. She had me doing squats, lunges, monster walks, and like 10 other exercises! The point of this was, she said, if the muscles around your shin are stronger, they won't pull as much and therefore allow your shin to heal
6) Rest!!! In the end, she said the best way to make them go away is to stop and let them fully heal-but that could take a few months. If you don't want to wait, really just try the things above.
7) Lastly-my advice-if you can, go see a physical therapist about it. They can give you proper exercises to help and stretches. But also--my physical therapist had a machine (kinda like an ultrasound), that omits heat and they rub it against your shin for about 15 minutes. It loosens the muscles, and somewhat heals the shin. Just make sure you stretch them afterwords. This method--I could really feel a difference afterword. Of course, I was in a rare situation where shin splints were affecting my career-so I couldn't just rest and this method really helped-but may be unnecessary for you.

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3/29/12 12:40 A

I know how frustrating it is when all you want to do is run. Believe me, I've BTDT several times. However, I really think you ought to cut back on the running and find a different form of exercise in the meantime while you heal and build up your strength. When I eased myself back into running, I ran once a week and spent the other 5 days that I worked out on a crossramp machine or elliptical. Due to issues with childcare, I still only run once a week and work out on machines or do exercise videos the rest of the days, but I am up to 11 miles on my one day a week with no issues other than my butt being sore the next day. :) I don't know you or everything that is going on with you, but it seems like you are just masking the damage. If that's the case, you will be out of running for a long time. I hate to tell you something you don't want to hear, but give the machines a try. You will continue to build up the cardio you need to run as well as strengthen your legs with no impact. I promise, even if you only worked out on the machines, you will still be able to run/walk a 5K when the time comes. Good luck.

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3/28/12 7:56 P

I did complete Week 2 day 3 on Thursday March 22,2012 . Sore shins but they were healed up a bit after a . But I completed it before my daughter provincial Hockey tournament weekend.
Where do I go from here I am asking myself as my shins are sore.
So far I completed
Week 1
DAy 1 Tuesday March 6, 2012
DAy 2 Thursday March 8, 2012
Day 3 Saturday March 10, 2012

Week 2
Day 1 Tuesday March 15, 2012
Day 2 Thursday March 17, 2012
Day 3 Saturday March 22, 2012

I now have gone 6 days since I finished Week 2. I missed work outs on Saturday March 24 and again on Tuesday March 27. I know I was gone to my daughter hockey tournament and I did bring my workout cloths but it was cold snowing and windy the whole weekend. On tuesday night after work was my children's concerts. ALso my shins were sore and I kept telling myself that these things got in the way to help me heal up.
Between Week 1 and week 2 I missed work out on Tuesday march 13,2012 Sore shins and I got an adjustment on my inserts by pothuoydrist.
Between March 17 and the 22nd I missed workout on Tuesday march 20. 2012. Sore shins and agin felt I had to take an extra day to heal up.

I have to say I have spent so much time of planing my goals and a calender set put right until I reach my ultimate goal of running a marathon. I have started my plan with the C2 5K for learning to run , Training and Running my first 5 K then my 10 k, then half marathon and then a marathon. It is frustrating that I am having set backs because to my very core I want to be a runner .

My shins and ankles are still sore. I want to run I do not want to let myself down . Learning to run is something that I want to do so bad .
Where do I go from here?

How do I get around this hurdle so I can just run!!!

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3/19/12 4:40 P


Sounds like you ave been through a lot and that you are very determined!

Is there anything in particular that you have questions about or want help? Here are a few generic thoughts:

Is there a running club near you? Very helpful to meet with others and I can almost promise you the club will have everything from beginners to seasoned masters. Can be very helpful. Many running stores also offer group runs and advice

Shoes wear out and quickly if you log a lot of miles. All shoes are different and all runners are different. I average about 400 miles on a pair before retiring them. It is also useful to rotate (don't wear the same pair two days in a row)

Rest/recovery days are just as important as workout days

A strong core is very important, especially as you start going farther distances

Congrats on your determination and your races last year!

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3/19/12 4:32 P

Causes "hell" to your shins :)

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3/19/12 4:19 P

Thanks to you all I am learning more about running all the time. It is difficult to sift through the mounds of information about running and it can certainly be very confusing.
I am going to ask you all for your help to get me to my goals.

I started in March 2012 for the first time in my life to walk and time and time agin I ended up with shin splints and plantar fasciitis but I would let myself heal up and start all over again. I was able to walk my first 8 K June 2011 and oct 9 2011 I completed my first Half Marathon where I walk/ran the first 10.5 K and then walked the last 10.5 K my time 3:48:11 pace 10:49.
Unfortunately I suffered for a long time after that. I is only the last 2 weeks I decided to try again but this time by using the Couch to 5 K.

I was told by my Family doctor and Podiatrist that my Shin splints are related to excessive foot pronation, but also related to a muscle imbalance between opposing muscle groups in the leg. SO I followed orders and I complete stretching before and after exercise and I have corrective orthotics for pronation. I am now asking all you you are runners and experts to HELP ME!!!

Ever since I was part of the those to organized events watching al the RUNNERS it just did something inside of me. I can tell you how much I wan to be a RUNNER!!!

I want to :
Run my first 5K Mary 6
Run my first 10 K July 22,2012
Run my first Half marathon october 2012
Run my first marathon December 2012 ( for this one because it would be my first I would settle to run walk it) Trying to be realistic.

I am so grateful for all your help!!!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/19/12 4:12 P

"a hell strike?"

very interesting typo to say the least. LOL

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3/19/12 3:28 P

I do more race walking than running. Race walking is very "heel first." If I get shin splints while walking, almost always because I did not warm properly the way to temporarily alleviate the pain is to flatten my foot fall. So it would seem to me that a hell strike when running would add to shin splints

3/19/12 12:15 P

The current research has demonstrated that proper running mechanics is to land with a mid foot strike not a heel strike. I was taught this technique by an experienced marathoner back in 1970. Research done at Harvard on barefoot running demonstrated that the natural foot strike is the mid foot not the heel. If you observe sprinters you will see that the difference is not where the foot strike occurs but rather the angle at which it occurs. The longer distance runners have a flatter foot angle than to the sprinters. This more a function of the speed of the run which changes the mechanics that a difference in technique.

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3/19/12 6:21 A

I've always been told to land heel first- and my personal trainer was an olympic running coach. I believe the fall recommended changes depending on distance- for instance sprinters (less than 400M?) run on their toes but middle and distance runners run the risk of shin splints and achilles pain by landing on their toes.

3/19/12 12:08 A

"Second- when you run, make sure when you land your foot falls heel first, not toe first. that will help you to avoid shin splints." Follow this advice if you want to cure yourself of ever running again Proper running mechanics are to land on your mid foot or fore foot with your knee bent and your centre of mass over your foot. Proper running mechanics is the sure for shin splints and the prevention from them recurring.

There is no insert or over engineered and over priced running shoe which will correct the problem. The problem is not running surfaces, cushioning or anything other than faulty running mechanics. Icing before will not correct the problem only mask the abuse. Do the proper strength training , run with good mechanics and you will not have shin splints.

The above statements are those of a retired certified chiropractic sports physician, an experienced road runner/marathoner and running coach with thirty years plus experience.

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3/18/12 5:19 P

A couple of ideas among the many good ones. When you run you want to strive for landing on your midsole more than your toes or heel. Most new runners to to over stride which leads to landing on your heel. The feeling you want is "nose before toes.". Obviously you can't really do that, but should feel that way. You also want to warm your shins more before heading out. I do this two ways:

Stand on a step or something that will let you put your toes on it with your heels in the air. Go up on your toes and then back down. You do not have to go as high or low as you can, just get a rhythm. Do this for a minute to two or until fatigued. Another way is toe taps. Just stand and tap your toes on one foot, then the other. Same thing, a minute or two or until exhaustion.

Good luck!

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3/18/12 4:49 P

I used to suffer from shin splints a lot. It's important to pay attention to the pain and ease back on your activity until you can continue without the shin pain getting worse. I ignored shin pain a couple of years ago and ended up with a very slow-healing stress fracture.

The best exercise I've found so far for shin splints is really simple. I tap my toes (a lot). Stand squarely on both feet (barefoot or with shoes - anything other than high heels). Lift the toes on one foot up as high as you can and tap back down. Repeat 25 times on each foot. I try to do 3 sets of 25 per foot per day. It's an easy exercise to fit into my routine - I tap while I'm brushing my teeth, waiting for the coffee to perk waiting for my husband to get ready to leave, waiting for the elevator, etc. The exercise stretches and strengthens your shins.

I also find that just a couple of minor adjustments in my movement help. I'm more inclined to have shin trouble if I lean forward (this happens when I'm cold and walking quickly or walking uphill) or walking too quickly. Often, I just need to ease back on my speed slightly (e.g., 3.9 instead of 4 mph on the treadmill). Make sure you're not holding onto the treadmill as you run or walk - this can result in you leaning forward, which will be hard on your shins.

Also, as you continue with your running program, it's a good idea to add strength and stability exercises for runners to your routine. Your heart and lungs tend to get stronger faster than your bones, muscles, joints and ligaments. It helps to include some ST that focuses on core muscles (especially abs, back, glutes, hips) and your legs. SP has some exercises recommended in their runners resource section.

3/18/12 4:09 P

When I started Couch to 5K I also had problems with shin splints and I found that I reeaaaally had to go vvverrrrry slowly at first. Stretch well before running, especially your calf muscles. And when I say slow, I mean "turtle pace." It seems ridiculous to "run" that slowly, but once I built up to running, I haven't had a shin splint since.

To the poster who said "land heel first," don't listen. All the runners and coaches I know (I know a few, my daughter and son both run cross country and track) say to get up on your toes. I'm a heavy heel-striker and I get fussed at by the XC coach and I've had to play with my running form because running heel first led to some unhappy knee problems for me.

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3/17/12 9:50 P

The soreness in your calves isn't a whole lot to worry about, but the soreness in your shins is. The thing with shin splints is they will often feel better during your workout after you've been running/walking for a bit, but then will come back with a vengeance. If it continues, then you really do need to cut back and build up more gradually if you don't want to end up injuring yourself and being out of commission for even longer. For example, as frustrating as it was, when I got back into running I had to cut back to running just once a week due to shin splints and spent the rest of the time working out on no-impact machines like the crossramp and elliptical. Once my legs were stronger, I gradually increased how many times/week I was running. This was because I once stubbornly ran on shin splints until I ended up with a stress fracture and had to take 4 months off from running to recover. Good luck to you. Take care of yourself, and you will do it!

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3/17/12 8:23 P

I Completed Week 2 Day 2. I iced my shins before I went for my workout and then iced afterwards and a couple of hours again after that. I seems like that the icing has really helped as I really do not have a whole lot of swelling.
My shins are sore and so are my calves and ankles. It was very sore while jogging but when I alternated with walking as per Day to requires the sorriness would almost go away while walking. How do I know if the sorriness I feel is just because my mussels are building strength.
How much soreness is normal I guess is what I am asking?

Also because I was supposed to do my second Week, Day 1 on Tuesday and ay 2 Thursday and Day 3 on saturday but due to soreness and having the adjustment done on my inserts I did not do Day 1 until Thursday and today I did Day 2 saturday . Will I do Week 2 Day 3 and when will I do it. Remember I am supposed to workout Tuesday Thursday and Saturday.
I will Succeed !!!! Just need a little help along the way!!!
Happy St Patrick'sDay everyone!!!

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3/16/12 11:50 P

Just wanted to add when I was dealing with these, I took ibuprofen to decrease the swelling and in between icings, I put Biofreeze gel on my legs. Aaahhhhh....

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3/16/12 6:38 P

Thank you all for for your help .

Yesterday I did do Week 2 Day 1.
I finished the whole workout. During the run /walk and the hurt /soreness changed over the course of the workout. Today I am very surprised but I am not as sore as I was the hour before I worked out yesterday. WEAIRD!! My shins are feeling only a little sore as scattered sharp pain but there is a marked difference in the reduction of the pain I felt. It hurts still hurts around my ankles where your leg attached to your food right around the whole area if have some swelling but not bad.

I am now mostly complaining about something totally different.
My lower calves were hurting yesterday but today they are sore but not bad though . I little pain on left side of left knee.

So so far it looks promising that the pothidrist made the adjustment on my Inserts may be working as I have a lot of pronation. Also after my workout yesterday I put ice on my shins and outside of my ankle . My massage therapist suggested icing right after my workout . He also suggested to ice before workout I will do that tomorrow. He said keeping the area cold keeps the body from rushing blood and fluids and chemicals to the area that is sore and as a result you keep the inflammation down and the swelling.


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3/15/12 9:58 A

Are you sure about heel first? My understanding is that heel first sends the shock straight up the leg, rather than naturally absorbing it the through flexion of the foot and ankle in landing toe first.


KENDALL68 Posts: 72
3/15/12 8:11 A

Two important learnings I've had regarding running:

Go to a real running store (not Dicks or Sports authority- a local store that caters to runners), bring a pair of well worn athletic shoes and let them fit you. THey will look at how your shoes wear out to determine pronation, they will put you on a treadmill and they will bring you the shoes you need- probably half-dozen pairs and will have you try them all on.

Second- when you run, make sure when you land your foot falls heel first, not toe first. that will help you to avoid shin splints.

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3/14/12 7:37 P

thanks to you both!! I will try what you are bother saying!

I am trying to figure this all out. My fingers are crossed too.
I got my inserts adjusted. She told me to go ahead and run tomorrow and that I will know by end of week if it works or I need another adjustment.
So I will start week 2 day 1 tomorrow.

I definitely need the luck of the irish on this one!!!

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3/13/12 6:59 P

Try the Spark article "Tips and Hints to deal with Shin Splints"


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3/13/12 5:51 P


Hang in there and hopefully you will find a solution to your shin splint issue. You may want to ask your doctor if he/she recommends any strengthening exercises for your anterior tibialis muscle-the muscle most responsible for this issue.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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3/13/12 5:30 P

I am disappointed my shins are sore but hoping that my podiatrist will be able to adjust my inserts so I do not have pain.
I have am appointment with her tomorrow and hoping I will start Week 2 Day 1 of Couch to 5 K .

This is not the first time my shins hurt they have been nagging me ever since I started exercising in January 2011 . So it is over a year ago since I first hurt my shins, from doing to much exercise all the one time. I was only walking in winter boots. I did not realize how importain foot wear was at the time. Since then I do have from a registered podiatrist who made inserts for my sneakers and I have completed massage therapy.

I really want to be a runner! I believe that I am a runner because if i was not a runner I surely would not be saying I want to Run!!! Now my body needs to catch up to me!

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