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DEANJR86 Posts: 126
5/8/12 10:08 A

I just have to add that I always try on the tie in the store to make sure I can work with the length, width and thickness.

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5/8/12 9:46 A

Thanks for your input. Each of you have answered a question that has bugged me for years. I never thought that others need different lengths of ties to accommodate them.
Thanks for your response.

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5/7/12 9:24 P

I never have figured out why people want to put a noose around their When I had to wear a tie I would just get a clip on, but now they have fitted ties that just snap in the back under the collar so it looks and feels like a real tied tie without the hanging

5/7/12 11:41 A

And that doesn't account for the different types of knots either.

If you tie a four-in-hand (the slightly crooked knot that most people use), you use up far less of the tie length than if you use a half-Windsor or even a full-Windsor. There are techniques you can use to figure out how far up the tie to start your knot in order for it to fall in the right spot.

(My school uniform included a tie, in case you're wondering why a girl knows this stuff)

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5/7/12 11:03 A

I agree with the post below. I am long waisted and need a longer tie than the standard size in order to not have it look like a kid's bib.

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5/7/12 7:03 A

People have different size necks and different size torsos. There needs to be different size ties to accommodate different people.

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5/6/12 11:20 P

HI, i am new to this group and just learning my way around. I do have a question for those of us who wear ties; Why aren't manufacturers required to make all ties the same length?
I end having to retie a tie about three of four times before i get it to be even. Just wondered if anyone else had this problem.

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