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8/31/12 9:32 A

Had a good workout last night. Did 30 min of bootcamp, then off to my other gym, 20 min on the glutes buster machine and .75 miles on the 15.0incline on the treadmill (3.8mph).

Was very refreshing day for me. I am in the beginner bootcamp class and everyone was complaining that they had to take ibuprofen b/c they were so sore. I saw a lot of them really struggling to get through their sets and I was busting through them with ease! So reassuring to see how far my strength has come. Next Tuesday I will have my last training session and I'm going to ask if I can start working my way through the advanced class. I still sweat my butt off and am challenged but I think I can do more to challenge my strength.

So maybe on Mondays I can do the advanced class (which will be pretty funny actually) and then do the beginner class right after. It will take a while to get through the advanced class without having to stop and struggle, but I was a bit more challenged in our training sessions and don't want to lose that.

We will see!!!

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8/30/12 5:19 P

Ha I just looked on Google Earth, we are close to Manitoba, sooo really far from you.

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8/30/12 5:17 P

I will start journaling when I get back next Tuesday.
We are in Fargo, ND...not too darn far from the Canadian border eeeh? I see lots of Canadian license plates in town here when we go out shopping at the malls and Target etc...

I went shopping over lunch hour today and bought a way sexy dress for my brother's Vegas wedding, and some silver sparkly shorts with a sexy top. Got more shopping to do, but feels good to know I'm looking so much better in these clothes...since losing all my baby weight.

Not as confident with the swimsuits yet, part of that is because of my scar from my abdominioplasty. I plan on getting a tatoo in the future though to hide it better.
Have a good Vaca!!!

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8/30/12 3:32 P

Hey Cherie -- proud you got to the gym dispite your trainer not being able to keep your appointment. that is a huge step :) Sounds like you gave it you all as well. Your meal planning looks good.

Hope your daughter feels better. We are off to MA this weekend. We are from Canada - Oshawa, ON to be exact. My husband is from MA a small town called New Bedford a short drive away from Boston, so we are visiting my in-laws, my sister-in-law and the kids.

I had a great bicep and tricep workout and some light abs along with 40 minutes of cardio. Tomorrow hoping to hit my quads and shoulders tomorrow knowing that I'll be off for a few days while away. Have a great memorial day weekend.

Check in with you when you get back.

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8/30/12 9:47 A

Aug 28th
I stayed at 1300 calories. Was 1300 calories of mostly high in fat/carbs tho. I forgot my notebook at home but wanted to start posting so I wasn't so far behind.
My personal trainer cancelled on me as his grandpa passed away. So I pulled up my big girl panties and went to my other gym and did 60 minutes of cardio.

I did 30 min of jogging/running for 2.7 miles, then did 20 minutes on a glutes machine: its like an eliptical but has a "glutes" program where you go normal 1 min, then the next min squat and go backwards, different things like that...then I did another .75 miles on the treadmill at 3.7 mph at 15.0 incline. Yowza!

Aug 29th
I started my day out wonderful with one of my morning "smoothies"
1/2 C. Plain non fat Greek Yogurt
1/4 C. Cottage Cheese (I like the extra protein boost I get minus the icky protein mixes)
1/2 C. Frozen Dole Pinapple
1/2 C. Frozen Dole Blueberries
1/2 Banana
handful of spinach
It is huge and I sip on it all the way to work.
Then I got a call from daycare and had to go get my daughter, got home made some chili and kind of picked on my junk food again (because it was in the house)

Hey Nancy, I did choose a tootsie pop over a candy bar, good idea!
I will probably not check in until after memorial day as we will be at the lakes and it takes forever on my phone to do anything, gggrrr!
Tonight I have bootcamp and will do 30 min cardio after.

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8/29/12 7:06 P

Food journal for the day:
Meal 1 oats, whey protein w a tablespn of chai seed
Meal 2 egg whites, 1 whole wheat wrap, roasted red peppers
Meal 1 serving of whey 1 c of frozen strawberries (shake)
Meal 4 tuna, 1 slice of sprout bread, 1 roasted red pepper w a light mayo spread
Meal 5 soy pods, 1 serving of whey protein

I also made it to the gym. Strength training for chest and hamstring and glutes followed by 15 minutes of moderate intensity on the bike. I also did 20 min on the EFX as well. Burned tons of calories which made me more conscious of food choices. I am hoping for a loss on the scale this week. Fingers crossed

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8/29/12 11:25 A

So here is my food journal from yesterday
August 28th

Meal 1 oats, whey protein w a tablespn of chai seed
Meal 2 egg whites, 1 whole wheat wrap, roasted red peppers
Meal 3 tapilita fish, lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, purple onion and 2 tablespn of balsamic vingerete salad dressing
Meal 4 1 serv of whey protein
Meal 5 chicken breast, yams, soy pods

I have to add that I over did it on banana chips. Not ever sure why I bothered to buy them I should have known I had at least 1 1/2 cups which I think added an extra 400 calories, at least 60g of carbs and 23g of sugar. Sad but true --- so today I am eating like yesterday minus the banana chips. I can say this because I have no more. I ate them all!!!!!!

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8/28/12 1:57 P

Yay, I love it!!!! Will check in with my "daily report". Can't wait to get ideas from you gals too!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/28/12 1:48 P

I think posting our food journal here would help :) Even the cheats. Just as accountability for ourselves on an individual bases. I may not go as specific as micros but I can list my food for each meal. I'll do my best at the end of the day. May give each other some new meal planning ideas and spice up our current meals. My mine if pretty consistent -- my goals is generally not to deviate from the norm because personally my body and mind like routine. So just warning you ladies in advance a lot of it will be similar. LOL Boring actually

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8/28/12 1:39 P

Hey there,
It was really good. I was a little worried about keeping up. I am with the same trainer that does both bootcamp and personal training. So I'll still see the same person, but not 1:1.
I am a bit behind because in February of this year I had abdomnioplasty. It has been super hard to start working out again. I am back on track with everything except situps are still behind.
So I started seeing this trainer in April and we've been working on increasing my strength to allow me to start the bootcamp classes. So last night Idid the beginner class and didn't have any issues, even did my situps perfect. I think it helped having a group of people there too as you had mentioned.
I was a sweaty mess afterwards so I think it was a success, whoop! I did have another 30 min cardio scheduled afterward but didn't do it.

Tonight I have my final personal training session, just a little sad as it represents all he has done to get me strong again. But as I've mentioned he's not very motivative in other areas, not to me anyways. He does have a client that has lost 184lbs though, whoa!!!!
I haven't done my grocery shopping so my diet hasn't been wonderful today.
I feel like I'm being punished when I have to journal my food. HA. Maybe we need to start reporting our Cal, Carb, Prot, & Fat on here weekly or something?
I'm like a kid, it just takes 1 person to "watch" me and I'll behave, tee hee!

Thanks for the info. on your height. I'm actually 5'3" 1/2 almost 5'4", so if I can get to 120 and maintain, I think I might be looking pretty good! I've been staying at 127-129 all summer.

Um, sorry for the long "journal", phew!
How is your day going??

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8/28/12 12:50 P

Cherie -- how was your boot camp class? :)

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8/28/12 12:49 P

Yesterday was a good day overall and today I worked out as well this morning. 20min on the EFX followed by 25 minutes of abs and added an additional 20 minutes on the bike.

I absolutely hate doing abs. It is by far the worse post-work soreness I ever get. Because I don't generally isolate my core. But today I did and I imagine I will feel it and than the next day and the next. But that soreness will go away and the more I work them the better :) So one of my goals is to work them twice a week --- ok that maybe a stretch at least once a week for now.

MARION320 Posts: 165
8/27/12 7:03 P

i thought i was by myself on the junk food gig.

MARION320 Posts: 165
8/27/12 7:02 P

i am rooting for u to reach that goal!!

MARION320 Posts: 165
8/27/12 7:01 P

Yes, yes, yes!!!

MARION320 Posts: 165
8/27/12 7:00 P

I track my food intake on sparkpeople. that's a form of journaling to me.

MARION320 Posts: 165
8/27/12 6:59 P

that's the spirit!!!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/27/12 5:34 P

As for the weight hing and height. I think at 5"3 weighing in the 120's is still healthy. I would consult with a BMI calculator if you are looking to go down to 110. I am 5"1 and weight 107. I have been as low as 100lbs within the last 2 years but I carry 105-108 better because I have more lean muscle than I did at 100. Not sure I could physically get down to 100 lbs again unless I completely starved myself. And honestly I love food too much :)

Right now at 5"1 I am at 107. I would love to lose another 2-3lbs but i will not sacrifice muscle. I work lard for my lean body mass :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/27/12 5:31 P

Cherie - sounds like this bootcamp thing will work for you! May just need a different change of scenery and the motivation you can get from a group is priceless!! Maybe a blessing in disguise that your trainer couldn't squeeze you in! I've run bootcamp and the dynamics of a group can be all the difference. Good luck!!
I commend you on having portion control -- me not so much. If I want dessert I pay the $6.99 for a slice instead of paying less for the whole pie because I will have the whole pie if it is in the house. Maybe (I said "maybe") not all at once but it'll go. I prefer to get a lollipop like a tootsie roll than get bags of processed food, because I know my limits and they are very very very short limits.

Journalling will help :) Let me know how your doing :)

MOVIN4WARD Posts: 25
8/27/12 4:17 P

Hey Vanessa and Nancy!
Well I am ready to get back on track. I've been seeing a personal trainer doing boot camp 2 days a week over the summer and trying to fit in some cardio sessions in between. It seems if I don't have it "scheduled" with someone, my little babies get my attention and I don't seem to get anything more than the two days of training. Last Tuesday my trainer let me know his schedule is too full and he can no longer see me at 7:00pm. Uggh, that is the only thing that really works in our household. Gosh tears almost started rolling down my eyes and I felt so sad and alone and helpless. (Seriously CHERIE, take some of this responsibility on yourself~ha)
I've talked with my husband and we agreed that I can go to my trainers boot camp classes at 6:30 (for the month of September anyways to get ready for Las Vegas)
So my new plan is to do boot camp on Mon, Wed, & Thurs. I have written up a cardio schedule also. I JUST HAVE TO STICK TO IT. Works for the best I think b/c now I get 3 days...actually 4 when I can start Saturdays. For 1/2 the price. He seriously was of no help to me to get motivated to control calories, but he can sure sweat them out of me!!! So the boot camp won't be any different than our sessions, plus I'll get a cost savings.

I haven't been journaling my food either. So have to start that up again.

So how tall are you ladies? I am 5'3" or however you write that, ha. I would just die to be below 120 and into the 110's. Is that possible?

My biggest problem is the food. I totally feel "whole" when I have my junk food fix. It's all mental and I have to get over my 10 year old eating habits. I seriously eat like a 10 year old without a mother in the grocery store. I have portion control under control, just like to grab my sugar and doritos...I could care less about eating a meal. HELP!!!!
You guys are my inspiration and it is sooooo wonderful to be able to take your advice and keep going day to day.

Yikes, what a total rambling. Ha! I'm off to my training tonight, should help me get back on track mentally after another beer filled weekend on the pontoon.

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/27/12 12:00 P

Welcome back!! Vanessa sounds like you have a good plan going. I am still tat 2-3lb away from goal. Baby steps and I am working towards it -- tracking food has helped. I agree that sometimes all it takes are the little things you don't track. I can be a grazer, especially when I am making my daughter foo. Liking the sunflower seed butter, eating her left over piece of cheese or eating that piece of fruit I did not account for in my calories. Lol

As for exercise, been keeping it strong. Yesterday I did back and got in 50 minutes of cardio. This morning I hit the gym and did 20 miin on the EFX, followed by legs and than the stair mill for 15 minutes. Back to food tracking after stopping during the weekend. I've put my scale away til Fri.

What is on your agenda for the day ladies??

DOCLOVER Posts: 519
8/27/12 11:51 A


I'm back from vacation and ready to rumble! How have you guys been doing over the past week?

MOVINFORWARD- I was doing a lot of the -2/+2 thing prior to vacation and it's the reason why I didn't make it to my goal prior to leaving. It is the most frustrating thing in the world and I also think it's a product of cheat days and mini cheats (like extra bites of things throughout the day that don't get tracked and aren't diet food). I'm glad that we can all relate on this point!

I was in Washington DC so I did a TON of walking every single day. I haven't hopped on the scale since I got back but I did a good job of being careful atleast 6/8 days. It was really a lot of working trucking around to all of those historic sites!

I'm going to jump on the scale this Saturday for my first post-vacation weigh-in (if not before). I still have 117 on my mind and I want to get there in time for football season and a trip to see my brother (in Texas) later this fall!

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MOVIN4WARD Posts: 25
8/21/12 9:43 A

Nancy, I'm in the same 2lb loss/gain boat as you are in! So I did good last week and journaled everything, down to a single grape, ha. Then Friday-Monday...ate like crap, drank my beer down at the lake, hershey chocolate bars and graham crackers, brats, chips/salsa, you name it. Blah!
Its like I get to the lake and no rules apply, I've forgotten that I've even looked at a Sparkspage. I swear my brain tracks how many calories I've been saving and makes up for it on the weekends. So hence my 2lb gain and "starting over" again. I didn't even run over the weekend.
BUT I have some fun news, I have to get ready for a trip to LAS VEGAS on September 27th. My brother is getting married there so I have something to look forward to and a more concrete reason to journal and a clear cut time limit for my goal. 37 more days! My bestest friend in the world is coming with and that makes it sooo much more exciting. I'm going to be researching hotels today and making my airline reservation.
On to my 37 days of 1200-1550 calories baby! Would like to also run 3 miles every day until then (in addition to my 2 days of personal training)...but kind of nervous I'll fail. Wish me luck. I'm not even going to pretend that I will count my calories when I'm there, but will be back on track the next week.
We seriously need to help each other out, we CAN DO THIS!!!
Had my oatmeal with almond milk, pineapple and blueberries this am, YUMMY!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/20/12 11:38 A

Vanessa -- have fun while on vacation. Sounds like you have a good plan set forthe to keep the extra weight and bay. Good luck!!

I been doing well with exercising but my meal selections could be a little better. I find I'll lose it during the week only to put those 2lbs lost right back on the scale by the end of the weekend. so frustrating. So I got my journal ready to go and I am tracking everything. Ever little crumb. No more liking peanut butter off the knife after making my daughter a snack. No more taking a nibble of this a bit of that. It stops here :)

This morning I did a back and bicep workout (35 minutes) and 35 minutes of cardio. 20 minute jog along with 15 minutes on the stationary bike. The goal is 5 workout session at least 45minutes each and guzzling 16 cups of water. I have to get this right.

Hope you ladies had a great weekend.

DOCLOVER Posts: 519
8/17/12 11:37 A

It's been a while since I checked up on you on this journal. So glad to see that you're doing so well! You're going to be at goal in no time! I really need to log on here more often. Between you and Moving4Ward there is really some great motivation - seems like we're all close to the same weight(s) and trying to go close to the same place.

I'm on a roll myself with food and exercise - it's really too bad (timing-wise) that I leave for vacation tomorrow :-( I will be gone a week but I am going to try to keep up my fitness and nutrition habits (as best I can) while I'm gone! There's a gym in our hotel and we will be walking A LOT to see the sites (maybe 5 miles/day?) so I really think that there is hope! I will also be logging into sparkpeople using my phone. I've already picked out a great place to eat my AM meal - there is a juice place close to the hotel. For lunch I will go simple with salad or sandwich. For dinner I will eat something more interesting but not get out of hand with desserts or appetizers (totally unneccessary). With this plan I think I will maintain, if not lose :) I hope.

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NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/16/12 4:53 P

We had a great time Cherie :) As for calories I try to stay in a 1300-1500 calories range and find a balance between protein and carbs and get some good fats in. I try to eat clean and every 3hours.

Keep a journal that tends to help especially with me because I tend to graze sometimes.

I got in 45 minutes of cardio today between the treadmill and the stationary bike. Felt good to sweat a little before our outing.

MOVIN4WARD Posts: 25
8/16/12 9:40 A

Awesome job, hope you had a great time with your daughter!
I was curious, do you stay at a certain # of calories a day or do you just restrict the types of food you eat?
I'm starting to follow the Sparks recommendation of 1200-1550 calories and the alloted Carbs, Fat, and Protein range that it shows. Hope I'm on the right track anyways.

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/15/12 8:43 P

Where did the day go?! I dropped my daughter at a special event camp event at 9am. Drove home, walked the dog, drove to my hair appointment at 10:30, only to get home at 1pm. Workout for an hour and was back on the road after a quick bite to pick up my daughter. Needless to say, very little got done around the house but I managed to clean the bedrooms this evening. Long to do list for tomorrow and Friday.

But legs and shoulders got done with 25 minutes combined of cardio :)

If its good weather I am taking Madison to a water park near by or we'll go bowling if it calls for showers or a movie. I could really enjoy sitting down to a good movie and a nice hot tea tomorrow as well. See what my little rug rat wants to do :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/14/12 12:22 P

I have been drained. I attributed it to physical drain, but I think part of it is emotional. So today I pushed through a a back and bicep workout along with 30 minutes on the treadmill and am going to be sure I follow a clean meal selection.

This morning I had oatmeal with a serving of whey protein and my post-workout meal was 3/4c of greek yogurt and a really sweet peach. I have been guzzling water like crazy and really hoping I can combat my inner demons today. Wish me luck

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/13/12 5:35 P

Cherie - yes weekend slip-ups I know how that goes :) Happens to the best of girl

I think maybe you husband is on to something. Not seeing results goes beyond what you do at the gym, it starts in the kitchen. It really does. I made up meal plans for my clients based on their activity level with me and there overall lifestyle. The ones that followed it or close to it definitely saw better results and they were forces to be reckoned with in the gym. It is far more than most people realize. But recognizing it is very good. Good luck :) -- you will turn it around :)

I didn't work out yesterday but made good food choices. Today much of the same, good food choices but honestly feeling drained. If I let myself think about how lazy i have been the last couple of days it will just drive me crazy. So tomorrow I hope with another good night sleep under my belt I'll get in that much need hard workout. I worked out 5days last week so I think I am a little drained. They were intense workouts, so I'll give myself 2 days rest and not beat myself up about it. Trust me -- takes a lot out of me to talk to myself and tell me it is ok. Need to listen to my body. My lats were sore yesterday and I think another day of rest is what I need. If I eat well, I feel less guilt and dare I say it "fat".

So tomorrow better workout day is on the agenda.

MOVIN4WARD Posts: 25
8/13/12 10:25 A

Speaking of country music. The first weekend of August, I was able to attend WeFest, the largest country music concert in the nation. It is in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. We have a camper 1/2 mile from there. Was so amazing to see Alabama, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan (wow he was waaay hot), Toby Keith, John Anderson, Little Big Town, and many others all in one weekend. To know they were right up the hill from our summer lake place was so bizarre! I guess the day before they perform a lot of them hit the lake that is right there. Which we were on the whole day!!! Next year I'm totally bringing my binoculars!
And again, that working out and lots of beer drinking..sigh.

MOVIN4WARD Posts: 25
8/13/12 10:17 A

Thanks Nancy!
Wow, good information. This weekend was a bummer, I just give up everything in the blink of an eye. We are at the lakes on the weekends so I have a Corona Lite in one hand way too much.
I had a good talk with the hubby tho. I was talking about changing up trainers. I love my current one's workouts but in my opinion he totally lacks in the motivational and personality part of what I think I would get in a trainer.
My husband reminded me that in the beginning he had suggestions for menu and even wrote up a plan for me to start training for a 1/2 marathon. In my husband's opinion, I am the one letting my trainer down and take on none of the responsibility myself. My husband thinks he's probably given up on me. Actually that gave me alot to think about. Just because I see a trainer twice a week, doesn't mean its his fault that I'm not seeing results.
I am back on counting calories again. I have a super supportive husband that will take the kids whenever I need to go to the gym, will do all the laundry, will cook, whatever so I can lead a healthy lifestyle.
I'm so "Naturally UNdriven" though, blah. I hope I can get my brain into gear and learn that healthy eating is not a punishment.
I'm jumping onto your girl's coat tails and hope I can make it through and see my goals to the end.

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/11/12 2:43 P

Cherie -- some trainer user a periodization phase. Its highly recommended and of course it goes with what your clients trying to achieve and the results that individual gets per phase. Foundation is usually just learning the technique, reps and sets are usually 8-12 and time under tension is moderate. Foundation is lots of body weighted stuff and as form improves you graduate to weights usually in the form of machine for big body muscles.

Than there is a build phase, rep between 8-10 and time under tension is longer. you really increase the weights. Goal is to build muscle and graduate to compound movements is essential. Than the burn phase is primarily to burn fat and build endurance of the heart and muscle.

Than the strengh phases is usually 6-8 reps, extremely heavy. When I was training I would use one phase for 6-8 weeks depending on goals and progress and how the body responded. I did meal plans based on activity and so forthe. Sounds like you should reach out to your trainer and ask for maybe some food guidelines. sorry for all the info. Couldn't help myself. LOL

Anyway yesterday was a chest and tri day and I spruced it up a bit with 7 minute og HIIT in-between exercises. Food was good. Over indulged in pizza but nothing crazy. I refused to jump on the scale this morning naturally. Figured water retention from the pizza -- no need to get out of control and be pissy about it. LOL

So far today, eating has been great and I did legs with a quad focus along with treadmill work. Simialre to yesterday clocking in almost 4miles in 35 minutes. Felt great!! Naturally I got into the tub with espom salt, a protein shake with glutaine in it in hopes for tomorrow Tabata spin class I will be able to give it my all. Fingers crossed!! Those 40 minutes are absolute torture but at the very least I control the resistance, so I am grateful for that.

Today we are off to a concert outdoors. Varies country performers. Husband has started to listen to country. Surprised while listening to his songs on his ipod that I realized I have a little country in me as well. Unfortuantely they are calling for rain all day :( But at $100 a tix Iwe can not just not go. So my daughter is at grandma's and we'll make the best of it.

How are you ladies doing?

MOVIN4WARD Posts: 25
8/10/12 10:44 A

Morning, Hi I'm Cherie emoticon
Gosh, I have no clue what phase I'm in. I didn't even know there was a diffence, ha.

He has me doing 3 sets of different activities for 3 rounds, we do some intese cardio right away then get into the differet sets. I do this for about 30-40 minutes twice a week. So I need to add on to this. Since its an appointment, I go, but other than that I've been really bad about any other workouts and I eat like crap too. Actually the link to the types of workouts I do is here, this is where I go

Last night after my workout, I did go to my other gym. Ha I have a membership there but I like this trainer better, so do personal training at a different place wacky I I went and did 20 minutes on one of the machines and 10 minutes of a 15 incline on the treadmill at 3.7mph.

I really love his training. But his "motivational" side could be improved upon. So I continue to grab my pop tarts in the morning with Diet Coke and drink my beer on the weekends at the lake. Aaaack! This is all his fault right, ha!
Ok sorry to have taken over your blog, but you girls seem so awesome and inspring!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/9/12 7:40 P

Vanessa -- sorry checked out a previous message you posted on my sparkpage, you did introduce yourself :) Hello LOL

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/9/12 7:35 P

OK ladies -- first name bases would be preffered by me. Hope you all don't mind. Obviously I am Nancy. LOL Anyone else care to share?

Thanks for the link moving4ward :) I have seen the rockbody website and workout routine. Definitely a burn phase. Does your trainer have you working in a periodization phase at all. Did you go through a fountain phase, build and than burn? I love working out and doing new programs. I'm on a 4 day split at the moment and get in a cardio and ab day in addition to the strength phase.

DC - I am glad I motivate you. Means I will be seeing more of you. I think we could really draw on each other for support. I would luv that. Weekends for me are tough, especially during the summer. Baby shower, wedding, bridal showers, cook outs. When you don't have the luxury of supplying the menu makes it hard. I have become accustomed to bringing my cooler now and sneaking in a protein shake just to post up my protein on days where food may become a problem.

Today i took off. Cleaned up and kept moving but a recovery day for me none the less. Have to learn to take those without feeling guilty. Still learning :)

MOVIN4WARD Posts: 25
8/9/12 9:27 A

OOhh, need some motivation? I was on Pinterest health/fitness and found a link to these free workout videos. It's kind of funny, because I go to a trainer twice a week and the workouts are very similiar, turns out when I 'friended' one of the bodyrock tv trainers, my trainer was a shared friend. HA, now I'm learning his tricks.

Anyways super motivational, and WOW do they have bodies to die for. I actually haven't tried the workouts yet, but has been SUPER helpful getting me to start tracking my calories again.!/LisaMarieBody

I also like to check this everyday, soo helpful!

DOCLOVER Posts: 519
8/9/12 12:03 A

Nancy - way to go, you're doing awesome! I love reading about how dedicated you are. I came off a funky weekend & reading about how serious you're taking these last 5-6 lbs helps ME get focused and get my head in the right place. LET'S DO THIS! :-D

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/8/12 5:26 P

MOVING4WARD - thanks for your vote of confidence and for following me along the way. occasional check-ups are very much appreciated. I know all so well about sugar cravings. I am a bug supplement user when it comes to that. I use Chromium supplement about 2 weeks before my expected period. Seems to help with the will power. You still have to do the mental talk, but it makes it a little easier for me :)

After dropping off my daughter at 1/2 day camp I head to the gym. 20 min on the elliptical, 25 minutes of abs and lower back and jumped on the bike for 10 minutes. One hour done :D Felt good to get it out of the way and had a great productive day. Moving onward with the week and hoping to make great food choices to melt the extra flab.

MOVIN4WARD Posts: 25
8/8/12 12:07 P

Good luck! Those last pounds are the trickiest to lose.
I'll be interested in how you do it. I'm also to the last 10lbs to lose, but a huge sugar addict so I have a big mental block to overcome.

I look forward to your updates, bye bye lbs!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,115
8/7/12 7:20 P

emoticon emoticon

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
8/7/12 4:29 P

So time to really tighten up from workouts, to eating, to getting things DONE!!!

First my goals. For months I have been at 106-107 and ideally I would love to get down to 101. Been there before and I looked lean. I was 101 lbs but I looked more skinny and since than I am sure I have been on some muscle in the last year. So 101lbs maybe a stretch but if I could get closer to 103lbs than that would be awesome. Doable? Definitely ......... Hard work YES and some serious commitment and consistency!

So here goes:

Yesterday was a leg day which consisted of glutes, hams and quads and let me tell you my quads are feeling it today. 15 minutes on the treadmill for a warm-up and after lifting I got on the bike and cycled for 20 minutes. Eating was on par.

Today eating is great. Really looking at my macro nutrients and keeping them balanced. My workout today was a 10 minute treadmill jog along with back and biceps. After my lift I ran another 20 minutes. Been able to control any food cravings. 4pm is usually when I want to raid my fridge, although there is nothing unhealthy in there. So drinking water and aiming for a gallon. Should get pretty close :)

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