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J0ANNAJ Posts: 1,007
5/12/12 8:57 A

I would just like to say that you have very ambitious goals. Maybe I read your first post wrong but it looked like you were trying to lose and huge amount of weight in a short amount of time and I'm afraid that you are setting yourself up to fail. None of us like that this takes a long time and consistency but no one you feel like you've failed if you aim to lose 6 pounds a week - that's a lot of weight. After the first couple weeks of healthy eating 1 - 2 lbs is realistic.

Remind yourself again why you want to do this. Set goals - weight, exercise and health that are achievable then you won't feel like giving up before you've really started. Believe me I'm not in a great place this week and I've had at least 2 disastrous days but I've kept going and I'm glad I did.

If you can't get out to walk - try some beginners cardio workouts from the spark people video collection - they are online and free. A little bit is better than nothing and cross training does keep you guessing.

Don't give up - you are worth so much more than that.

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
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5/10/12 6:06 P

I pretty much have too because I can never find my first journal post. I like seeing how many of my friends on here replies to my new posts lol. I am still having problems but I don't want to bother any one with my problems. I know I should get my feelings out but This is one problem that I have to keep under control and hiden away for ever.

I hate when I can't get things to go right for me and that when I go for a walk I feel my mind and spirit run free. I can think about my problem and think of ways to set it right. I cannot walk when its raining out and I do not have a treadmill to use but thats okay. I can sit back and think about what I want out of this stupid life of mine and think of ways that I can get my family to listen to me.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,591
5/10/12 10:45 A

Don't quit.
I laugh that you always start a NEW journal each time you post. That is interesting. I'm glad u keep going. As that is what matters.

ESHARA43 SparkPoints: (29,246)
Fitness Minutes: (20,013)
Posts: 520
5/9/12 9:00 P

Hi Eshara43 aka Susan here posting again.

I was sitting here thinking today on how much I have missed my walking along the route I have mapped out and found that nothing is working out for me anymore. I wanted to go for my walk yesterday and today but yesterday was a bust and today it was raing all day. This rain isn't suppose to let up until Sunday. Which means that my walks are out until then.

I am going to start tomorrow and do a full body workout and see if that puts me in a better frame of mind again. My emotions are out of wack again and I have been crying alot because I haven't seen much weight come off yet. I weighed myself early this morning and I weigh in at 235.9 lbs. I was hoping to lose atleast 5 to 6 lbs this week but failed at it.

I am planning on having a good breakfast tomorrow morning then doing my workout. I hope that I can achieve what I want this week but I know I cannot. I will work harder then I have in the past to get this weight off because to me I want to see myself weighing in at 200lbs before the end of this month.

I have a dream to fulfill and with alot of motivation and dtermination then I will succeed in everything I am trying to do no matter what others say or do to me to crush my dreams and goals.

I love life and i love it to the fullest and be the best I can be no matter what life throws at me. I will get to see the weight come off in due time and I know it in my heart.

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