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4/4/12 9:26 A

Thank you for your response ! BUT NEVER GO BACK TO YOUR OLD WAYS !! YOU CAN DO IT !!!!! Hugs, Rose

4/4/12 8:46 A

Hello, I agree. I think letting ourselves get fatter and fatter and all of a sudden being over 250pounds is very unhealthy and makes you miserable.
I only want to lose about 10-15pounds but since I am not terrible far away from what my body can handle without me being cranky all the time it is hard. I try to stick to the kcal spark people lets me have. But boy sometimes I wish I could just hang out and indulge. But perhaps once I get to my target weight I'll feel better about it and can go back to having a nice cheese snack every now and than.

Thanks for being encouraging,

MEMORIES7 SparkPoints: (197,944)
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4/3/12 12:01 P

Hello to ALL my SPARK FRIENDS and fellow TEAM MATES !
I know, I know you are telling your body that it can sit and still lose the weight and make it to it's goal right? NOT SO ! You are also telling yourself that you can feed your body a little treat here and there and it will not gain weight am I right ? Am I HOT or COLD? So C'MON folks, I have been there and done that ! I was 250 pounds before I joined spark on July 3,2011 and I was miserable to say the least and I did the same thing. I would tell myself that it was alright that I sit that it was alright that I eat the wrong foods and that I would lose the weight eventually ! You know what NOT SO ! When I joined spark on July 3, 2011, my life took a 200 degree turn around and I began to see everything in a whole new light ! I began to see results in the first week and tilL this day, I have NOT gone back !!! I refuse to go back to that way of life ! On January 15, 2012 I reached my goal ! I am now a HEALTHY 124 pounds and I am maintaining this weight for the rest of my life ! Yes I said for the rest of my life ! I know that you CAN do it too my DEAR FRIENDS ! So, GET UP OFF the SOFA, and PUT THE FATTY FOODS DOWN, and GET OUT THERE and GET YOUR BODY MOV'IN and GROV'IN ! I DO NOT want to hear that you are to BUSY ! ( If you think you are to BUSY then you need to take a little WALK in my shoes and come spend a day with ME) !! You CAN'T ! I will start TOMORROW ! It's RAINING TODAY ! There are not any EXCUSES that you can come up with that will sit well with ME !!! I am a wife and a mother to 4 little BLESSINGS and they are the reason that I wake up in the morning ! I am also a Bird Breeder and Trainer ! I am BUSY and I still GET IT DONE ! I know that you CAN do this SO JUST DO IT !! I love you ALL ! ((((( Hugs))))) Rose

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