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7/13/13 11:22 A

I feel your pain. My sister is always on me about my weight. And I will admit I have yo-yoed with my weight for years. But my sister had been probably well into the 300 for a good 15 plus years (during this time still on me about my weight). Then a couple years back she got the weight lose surgery. Now she acts like she has all the knowledge about the right and wrong way to lose weight. Plus we always hear about how this hurts her stomach and that hurts her stomach. She still eats a good bit of fast food and other such items. I use to let it get to me, but why should I let her make me feel bad?

You need to lose weight because you want to. I agree that your family members might think they are helping, but I would tell them that you have decide to go a different route with your weight lose and they should support that. I do not think surgery is the best option. In my opinion it causes more problems than solutions.

Keep your head up and keep working for YOU!


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7/13/13 2:50 A

Remember where this is coming from: No one would say anything if they didn't care for you.

Is it helpful? No. Does it hurt? Yes. But you have to understand that they probably genuinely feel that they are helping you. What you can't do is let it keep bothering you. Nor can you let it affect your progress. And perhaps it would be worth your while to pull them aside later and in a mature, non-accusatory fashion, explain that you're glad they care, but you need their support as you change your life for the better. And not to ever suggest it again unless they want to foot the bill. :)

And then? PROVE it to them. THe proof is in the pudding, after all, and when you start changing your life it will show. It IS showing, I guarantee it. You'll get there.

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7/12/13 10:18 A

Mine is completely the opposite. While I was overweight no one said anything, but when I started losing weight everyone was concerned. That I don't eat enough that I exercise too much. At first it hurt that they assumed the worse and that I would even practice extreme measures. Here is my advice, do whatever you do for you. Its your body and health. Prove them all wrong yes its a long process losing weight but you will get there. Don't give up, don't ever give up. Your pride will be hurt more if you do. Good luck! You can do it!

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7/12/13 9:59 A

I haven't, but I want to tell you to NOT give up. Here is a link to a list of blogs and interviews of Sparkmembers who have lost that weight without surgeries.

Only you can determine what is best for you. I will say that from what I have read about the weight loss surgeries, it doesn't fix the root cause of why you are overweight, and worse than that, you have to be on medical supplements for the rest of your life, because your body can't take in all the nutrients that you need.

I think you can do it on your own. With help from those of us here at SP. You can do it!

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7/11/13 9:43 P

This week two different family members approached me and suggested that I seriously look into weight-loss surgery. Not only do I not believe I am a good candidate for surgery, but it feels to me like giving up, and somehow seems my family has given up hope on me. Anyone else been though this? How did you cope? Would love to hear from you...

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