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3/19/12 7:18 P

I have a very bad lower back. I work out in a medical fitness center gym. The physiologist who designs my programs has worked to make sure none of my exercise hurts my back. I have come very far. I used to weigh 312 pounds, but I have lost 165 pounds. And I go to gym everyday.

My routine includes the stepper, kettlebell swings, body weight exercises and more.

I have worked up to that level over 7 years. Exercise has done more for my severe back pain than anything else. I have spondalytis, stenosis and arthritis in my spine. My SI joint is wonky. I have had many cortisone shots, physical therapy and other procedures.

But NOTHING has helped me to control my back pain like exercise has. With exercise I have strengthened the muscles that support my spine and have learned how to move without provoking pain.

Find a rehabilitation gym near your area and you will never look back.

What others are saying here about the importance of diet in weight loss is 100 per cent accurate. It is how you eat that determines how much you lose. But exercise will increase your enthusiasm. It will also help you to maintain your weight loss. And best of all, it will help you to learn how to CONTROL YOUR PAIN.

NEWERIN2012 Posts: 76
3/19/12 5:24 P

After you go to your doctor and get cleared, I would recommend a few things. The first- try an abdominal binder. You can get these at most pharmacies and it may help support your stomach. Also, find a running store near you and get your shoes custom fitted. Even if you are not a runner, they will get you shoes that match your stride. Then start walking. Do what you can. The speed is not so important, but try to walk as far as you can. There is a back surgeon I worked with that would recommend this program to every patient who came to see him- it often saved people from needing surgery or put the surgery off for a few years. Good luck!

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3/19/12 10:25 A


It's true. When it comes to weight loss, what matters most is what we eat. good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.

How bad is your lower back pain ? If you have been living with chronic pain, then you must talk to your doctor first, BEFORE you start exercising. We don't know anything about you or your lower back pain. We're not doctors. So, anything we tell you might make your back problems worse. Thus the need to talk to a professional.

Now, if your doctor says it's okay to walk, don't wear any old shoe. Buy a good pair of walking shoe that supports your foot. Some of your lower back pain could be a result of your weight. Your back pain could also be caused by the shoes you wear. Do make sure you're fitted for a proper pair of walking shoes if your doctor says it's okay to walk.

Also, we can't spot reduce areas of our bodies we don't like. It would be great if we could, but we can't. However, if you eat right, watch your portions and get some regular exercise that includes some strength training, you will lose weight with time. There are no fast ways to lose weight. Weight loss is a slow steady process that takes time.

And you definitely don't want to neglect your strength. Some of your back pain could be a result of weak back muscles. But once again, you really should talk to your doctor first. When they tell you what you can and can't do, come back and then we can give you more advice.

Right now, we really are just taking educated guesses.

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3/19/12 9:15 A

Weight loss is 80% nutrition, and only 20% exercise. Even if you're mobility limited because of your back, you can still jumpstart your weight loss efforts by tracking your calorie intake and staying in the sparkpeople ranges for you.

You do need to clear exercise with your doctor, to make sure you're capable of working out with your back problems... you wouldn't want to injure yourself!

As for your belly.. the unfortunate truth is that abs are made in the kitchen. You can't spot-reduce any part of your body. I'm totally there with you (seriously, look at the title of my Sparkpage!) but genetics will determine where you'll lose weight... not the exercises you do. I have been working out and eating right for 6 months... and my legs are muscular, my arms showing definition, my face is smaller, even my hips are narrower... but my stubborn gut is still there. ;) It's smaller, though!

BLOOMETTA Posts: 322
3/18/12 11:23 P

Why not do a search for sitting/lying exercises? There must be things that can be done lying down and sitting that will help you get fit and also protect your back.

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3/18/12 9:13 P

I have 50 pounds to lose and I really need to start exercising and my lower back is keeping me from doing anything. I would like to walk it has worked in the past with loosing weight. A lot of my weight is in my stomach area, I could pass for pregnant. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you

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